Thread: Deus Ex Game of the Year edition will not extract in Vista

Deus Ex Game of the Year edition will not extract in Vista

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    Deus Ex Originals edition will not extract in Vista

    Deus Ex Game of the year

    I am writing this because it specifically says on gamespot that you can run Deus Ex just fine with Vista. I installed it in compatibility mode like I believed I should. I have encountered a couple of problems along the way. First when it gets to the end of the install, it frees up at the decompressing screen but looks done. Than when I set up the first time config, and try to boot it. It Says that the CD needs to be in the drive to play and start. The CD is in the Drive and and it won't go past that screen, ejecting and reloading doesn't help. Looking at the files it seems they are still partially compressed. It might just be that it can't run without the full decompression and it can't read the CD. Does anyone one have any Idea how to get around this or fix it? This is truly one of the best games ever made, and I want to experience it again. If anyone has any Ideas please help!

    The above was psoted on Gamspots forum and I have the same problem and will explain further

    I replied to this forum saying:-

    File will not extract during installation problem.

    Mine does exactly the same when it gets to the extracting file part it says it is not responding.. Did you ever get the answer to this problem

    I have-an ASUS Gaming laptop G2S vista Ultimate SP1 -Dual core 2.2 intel processor-4 gig Ram

    Nvidea 8600M GT card with 256 ram just updated to latest driver

    So how do we get it to install full and extract the files during installation

    I hope you know the answer because I can not play the game thanks


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    Deus Ex not working with Vista Ultimate --will not install properly

    I have realized that the version I have is not called "game of the year" Just Deus Ex
    it says "ORIGINALS" in the top right corner of the box.

    Just to clarify I can get to the stage where the game appears to have installed however the game asks for the CD and the disk is not accessed. Maybe as indicated the files have not all extracted. Why does this happen and what is the fix as when i look for the game version in properties it does not show what version it is on the EXE file - I know from experience that you can not always see the file version with some games. Does anyone know how to solve this as I have had no replies.

    All forums that list games that will run on vista say that Deus EX will run

    Here are two links that show which ones do and tweeks if required

    PS the LINKS TO patches from Catman at

    say 404 NOT FOUND

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    I had this same issue, but it was on XP (weird, i know). Anyways, Once I let it get to the point where its failing for you, I found a friend who send me his directory structure.

    It happened to me again, and I just copied the files from another computer.

    Not much help, but it may give you some options, as long as you know someone with deus ex. Let me know if you do manage to find another way to solve the issue.

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    Sorry for the late reply -- I've been out of town.

    The usual solution: copy the entire contents of the cd to a folder on your hard drive, and then run setup.exe from that folder.

    This problem isn't unique to Vista.

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    Hi Catman
    Thanks for the reply. I did what you said and copied the contents of the disk to my hard drive. I then clicked on setup on the hard drive. When it reached the stage in setup where it says Uncompressing System Data Files the window immediately had the error message NOT RESPONDING at the top of the window and the progress bars did not work. Not sure what the problem is?
    Regards Will

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    I did some looking around on the web, and it seems like getting the game installed and running on Vista is random. Some people have no trouble, some cannot get it to run or (like you) install.

    I found one answer at the GameTrailers Forums which might help.

    Run as Admin
    Older OS compatibility mode
    Set it to use only 1 core of your CPU
    Set desktop resolution to match game's
    Defrag your HDD
    Update every driver you can think of
    I don't know if any of this would help with the installation problem.

    You might also try the TTLG Legacy Gaming Technical Help Forum. Don't post a question: Use the search function! The TTLG regulars are picky about that.

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    Yo, I had the same problem.

    First, open the DeusEx.ini file on your Vista Computer in C:\DeusEx\System.

    Go to line:


    For some reason Vista automatically sets CdPath to 'Z:'. You need to set it to whatever drive letter your CDROM is. Mine is 'D:'.

    Also, open Default.ini in C:\DeusEx\System.

    Go to line:


    Change the CdPath here also.

    If this doesn't work, then you need to do the following:

    You need to install a fully functional copy of DX on a different computer, most likely an XP one. Back-up the entire DeusEx Directory from your C: Drive onto external media (i.e., external HDD, CD, or DVD). Then, copy the entire directory onto your Vista Computer's C: Drive. DX will work now, at least this worked for me. You may have to change the CdPath lines, as described above.

    Luckily, I backed-up my entire DeusEx Directory from my old XP computer, on which DX worked fine. I recommend that you all do this when you get DX to work properly.

    PEACE Alwayz |/