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Thread: Book Cover ((contest))

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    Book Cover ((contest))

    hello =-)

    I Recently Wrote A Story On Here, And Recently Ive Been Making Images.
    I Made a book cover but its got a different name to the story i wrote xD and
    i thought that maybe ((if admins let this go on)) we could have a contest
    on the best designs

    you can

    1 - Use XNALara & Photoshop

    2 - Draw

    3 - Take A Screenshot from the game and use it (photoshopping is alowed)

    Heres An Idea (its also the image i made)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gitb90 View Post
    ((if admins let this go on))
    Did you PM them to check?

    Unsanctioned contests not allowed, unfortunately. So unless permission is given, I'll close this thread.

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