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Thread: Tomb Raider Underworld MEDIA COLLECTION thread

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    Exclamation Tomb Raider Underworld MEDIA COLLECTION thread

    Looking for screenshots, concept art, high quality renders?

    Try these:


    Environment screenshot:

    Concept art:

    High quality renders:

    5120 x 2880 Pixel

    Official Tomb Raider Podcast:
    The thing about Canadians is, they are very friendly people. But give them a hockey stick and they'll kill you.

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    The thing about Canadians is, they are very friendly people. But give them a hockey stick and they'll kill you.

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    The thing about Canadians is, they are very friendly people. But give them a hockey stick and they'll kill you.

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    The background from the Lara Croft MySpace site

    Click image for full size.
    The thing about Canadians is, they are very friendly people. But give them a hockey stick and they'll kill you.

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    Todays article on is very informative. Also contains a lot of new screenshots.

    Exclusive preview

    The screenshots

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    Because a game is greater than the sum of its parts, it's important to put a lot of effort into creating the best assembly and ordering of parts possible. A lot of elements are going to be a part of the recipe for Tomb Raider: Underworld -- exciting story developments, new game mechanics, incredible discoveries, epic reveals, dangerous new enemies, amazing and varied locales, and more. We needed a way to organize all this into a well-paced experience.

    So from the first day, I wanted to storyboard the game. Not just the cut scenes, not just concept art for key rooms, but the entire game experience in rough sketch form. For a movie, especially animated films, you storyboard the whole movie front to back, and you can even play an animated movie in storyboard form early on before you've started coloring in between the lines. You can't do that with interactive experiences, but all games have linear progressions, be they cut scenes, mechanics ramps, abilities scaling, etc., so experience storyboards can be a very important tool for interactive as well.

    Once we had worked out the basic parts list -- which took a lot of juggling to get the mix right -- I worked with an artist, David Reyes, to storyboard the entire game. These storyboards are all up on a wall (we saved our creativity for the game and called this the "Game Wall") and form the road map for Tomb Raider: Underworld. Posted alongside are a few frames for the Mediterranean Sea section we've been talking about most recently.

    Some weeks ago we had the pleasure of showing the game to some of our European colleagues -- these weren't executives, but development people like us -- and after a lot of ooohs and ahhhs, one of them asked me, "Wow, how much more is there?" I laughed and told him we weren't halfway through yet, and he was blown away. He wasn't talking about minutes of gameplay, which he had no means of judging by the way we were flying through the game (here in the building, Lara can fly, but before anyone gets too excited by that, it's a cheat we can't ship because unless used correctly it crashes the system). He was talking about the sheer number and variety of amazing moments he'd seen. By the time we reached the final fade out, he told us what we already know, that we truly have something amazing here.

    So I'm adding all the Game Wall storyboards to the unlockables list for Tomb Raider: Underworld. It's pretty cool as a glimpse into how we can make an epic experience from beginning to end -- not just putting all the goodness in the first half, like some game developers do -- so I think I'll make players beat the game on the hardest settings to unlock them.

    That, or you can wait a week or two after the game ships and find them somewhere on the internet.



    P.S. Yes, the weapon on Lara's back last week is her tranquilizer gun.

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    More wallpapers:

    The special edition pack:

    Contains Bonus Material below:
    - 15 minute Beneath the Surface Video with exclusive interview footage
    - 10 soundtracks from the game including previously unreleased music
    - All the trailers and videos released up until this point
    - Art gallery; the best screens, concept art and all the promotional renders
    - Special pack artwork

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    Arctic outfit Render. Click image for full sized version.

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    Tigers, Tigers!!!!!

    Click image for full size version.

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    Smile Tiger! Tiger!

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    New renders. Underworld Lara in classic outfit.

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    Enjoy this latest art work for Beneath The Ashes.

    Same image but full size without text:

    Klick image for full size version.

    And in wallpaper format:

    And for the widescreen fraction: 1920x1200.

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