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Money back please

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    Money back please

    Hi , since there is no patch still, no word on when it will be done or if it is still being worked on, and the thread regarding the topic has been locked, i would like the following information.

    How can i get my money back please.

    I cant return it to the store (they dont accept returned pc games)

    I have written to eidos who say they will not refund me.

    The product is broken and i cannot play it. (have been through every fix/tech support avenue i have available)


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    That's a shame that it's coming down to this. This product has been broken for what? Five? Six? months now?

    Quality control is a big thing with any company. When you send a product into the wild, and it doesn't work properly, there are always a few good options to take to save face.

    1.)Ask people to send it in and have it fixed under warranty.
    2.)Give people their money back.

    Now, I doubt either will happen. Gaming companies seem to think they're immune from this. This just isn't an "Eidos" thing. Most developers and publishers out there won't care that they've robbed you.

    Unfortunately, Eidos has seem to taken a blatant position of outwardly showing it.

    Will they save face and start handing out refunds? That would probably be their best bet.

    I wish you the best of luck, Nova.

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    Unfortunately I think we all know that they don't intend to give you your money back or fix any of the PC issues. Hell, they don't even plan on releasing Jesper Kyd's soundtrack. I certainly know how you feel Nova, but I at least know how to get the models from the game and use them for something that doesn't suck. Eitherway, they'll probably lock this thread too

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