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  • 1. Very conservative, simple and plain loading screen (DX1)

    18 31.03%
  • 2. Just an artwork/image, no text whatsoever (Morrowind)

    17 29.31%
  • 3. Image/artwork + information or advice below (DX:IW)

    18 31.03%
  • 4. Something interactive / something else? (give an example)

    5 8.62%
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Thread: Loadings


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    The trend is to display images along with advices or informations below, do you like it?
    Ideas submitted:
    -Quotes from famous people like on Operation Flashpoint
    -Toggle on/off texts in the settings menu
    -Progress bar
    -newspaper cuttings, propaganda
    "The year is 2027"

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    Voted 2. I absolutely hate noob and cheesy advices but I do like nice artworks. Informations about the world should be given in the course of the game, not on loading screens.

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    Voted Option 1:
    Text on loading screens is great for strategy games, but a DX game needs to give players info in a manner that immerses him/her in the game world.

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    I'd like for this to be an option you could turn on and off. On the one hand it gives you something to do while your mediocre system, just barely capable of running DX3 is loading a huuuuuuuge map (here's hoping), on the other it might become boring after a while (especially if you keep seeing the same sentences).

    I liked how this was done in Thief 3. There was some gameplay advice in the first couple of levels, but then it just became seemingly random gameworld-info (like children's rhymes which suggest the existence of a scary enemy you'll likely encounter at one point or another, or a pagan song). These things added to the atmosphere (also because of inventive use of language, Thief has all kinds of slang of its own), although unfortunately there were too little of these sentences, so after a while you kept seeing the same ones.

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    Voted 3:

    I prefer to get some interface advice. An example is in WorldOfWarcraft(yes, I was once an addict) it gave the hint that pressing num lock sets your character on auto-run. While i'm not saying that DX3 should have auto run, I think UI help would be a nice thing to have on a loading screen. Similar to world of warcraft, you should be able to turn off these "hints."

    I agree with jordan_a that info on the story/world of Deus ex should not be given during loading screen.

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    voted option 1:
    hopefully they will make the levels huge, but the loading times small, so it shouldnt matter whats on them, i personaly likes the deus ex loading screen, just simeple, it didnt really drag you out tof the game, all it was was it said loading, then that was it.

    if there was going to be anything i would say an artwork image, but thats about it, aslong as there is an option for it (i think there should be options to turn everything on/off) it should be fine, everyone can put it how they like it then.

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    Maybe some interesting quotes from famous people... im not sure.

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    Voted: 4. something interactive.

    Actually I'd like to see Crystal Engine's "load once and never again" in action, like in Legacy of Kain, where levels were streamed and not divided into chunks with loading between them.

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    For me it depends of the levels size and the global loading time.
    If we have huge levels we can use a sort of video sequence to show the travel for example.
    If the levels are great and divided is some sub-levels a la DX 1, we can use a little video sequence to show the manner that your character enter to the sub-level or an artwork or the DX 1 system.
    If we use DX 1 system I want to get short loadings if it's possible
    It depends of technologies of the game.

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    I'd vote for a combination of option 1 and 2 if it was possible to choose that. If the loading takes some time (more than 4 seconds) I'd want artwork. If the loading takes less than 4 seconds I'd want the DX loading screen.

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    A progress bar (as in morrowind) is VERY important.

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    My favourite for loading screen quotes is Anachronox, each area would have joke comments that serve to give you a sense of the area you are entering whilst also giving you something to laugh over. Mind you, partly Anachronox is a quasi comedy with loads of little jokes scattered throughout so theres a reason it uses humour during the load screens.

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    I voted two, but I now realise it might be helpful to have hints available, toggled on/off in the settings menu.

    I also like the real-life quotes idea; Total War (a killer RTS series if you get the chance to play it) has quotes from generals and philosophers on the load screens before and after battle scenarios.

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    The most fun I ever had during a loading session was Call of Duty 4. Once off loading and while its loading you get briefed with a cool video / 3D info map etc. This to me was excellent and should be looked at for inspiration. I dont want a direct copy of this, but it is a good idea and makes loading times more fun.

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    Originally Posted by Aminevo
    Maybe some interesting quotes from famous people... im not sure.
    Like on Operation Flashpoint, good idea.

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    Originally Posted by Tracer Tong
    A progress bar (as in morrowind) is VERY important.
    As morrowind or other games used this features
    If the game doesn't use a video sequence at the same time as the loadings screens, this feature is interesting and must be added. I forget to speak about this .

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    DX1 had famous quotes in the endgames

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    Newspaper collage

    First of all: Keep the loading screens few and far in between. Same ol' tune: Good = DX1. Bad = DX2.

    As for the loading screens: how about some newspaper cuttings? Perhaps in the early level they could fill in some backstory in general, as well as more locale-specific recent history and news events.

    Later in the game, they could start relating more to the indirect, macroscopic, and/or (projected) long-term consequences of your actions.

    Then there's propaganda. Stuff like:
    - Expanded police powers and arms keep the streets safe. (Also tells you about your opposition maybe).
    - Individual / small enterprises give way to large corporations; it's progress! The future is globalization, and governments can keep tabs on few corporations more easily that legion of smaller enterprises. No more unions necessary!
    - Seen suspicious activity? 'Tourists' photographing augmented officers? Neighbours stockpiling food and reading illegal books? Report it!
    - Statistics: increase of electronic money transactions, GMC farming, etc.

    Finally there's "secret" documents and/or stuff you might find in a mission briefing: aerial photographs of the area, intercepted internal memo's, designs on patrol bots, etc.

    All the optional reading in DX1 could make for great loading screens.

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    If it's going to take 20-50 secs (loading for a decent sized level shouldn't take more than 50 or at most 60 seconds in a well optimized game) then I'd like some sort of briefing, like CoD4, though on the second play through and save reloads it gets very repetitive. So after the first time through, you should get other info, like aforementioned newspaper clippings, net news, what have you, something to occupy time. DX's load screens were effective because the time was so short, any longer and it gets annoying with nothing there

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    3 would be the best, but you should have the option to turn it off, since not everyone wants to play with hints that are often fairly common-sense more often than not.

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    DX3 should be entirely customized. From the loading screens to the interface and the difficulty. That's the key: to please every audience, us and the casual gamers.

    Great ideas in this thread.
    "The year is 2027"

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    N.1 - because it worked with DX1.

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    I voted option 1: Very conservative, simple and plain loading screen (as in DX1).
    I would want there to be as little pause as possible during loading.

    Having said that, the idea of using images, such as newspaper cut-outs or philosophical documents and quotations etc would be very long as they were each different and had a profound meaning, in relation to the game.

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    I liked getting tips like in IWar.

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    I voted for "Image/artwork + information or advice". Of course there should be a loading progress bar too.

    I don't really want advice, though, but rather information about the game world. How it is to live in a world like that and so on, and the history of the game world. Important events ans so on, that one also should be able to read about in the game more depth if one so pleases.

    The newspaper idea by mad_red is nice too.

    Loading stuff with no info is rather dull and boring. Especially so if the loading times are long (which they can be if playing on a console from a disc or if the computer doesn't have enough RAM so the swapfile is used). When I first played Deus Ex I had a computer that was below minimum requirements, and the loading times were usually above 2 minutes. On a computer today, they are less than 5 seconds, heh.

    Also, if the game use loading screens with info on them, they should have a "press any key to continue" after the loading is done. Some years from now the loading will be very very fast, and not enough to read the stuff if there's no such thing.

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