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Thread: SDK For DX3 & Crystal Dynamics modding

SDK For DX3 & Crystal Dynamics modding

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    SDK For DX3 & Crystal Dynamics modding

    Mornin all,

    I really hope that the team at Eidos Montreal put together a good SDK + ConEdit for DX3. Really felt let down when I found out that they were'nt going to release one for IW. Come on Eidos!!! It's what the DX modding community needs to stay alive!!!

    Anyone else interested in this ?


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    Personally, no.
    I think that an SDK package would use up valuable programming hours, and the developpers should prioritise DX3 as more important than an edit pack, their marriages and maintenance of personal hygeine.

    Plus, if SDK is do-able, doesn't that mean simpler maps in the real game? That would be unforgivable if t'were the case.

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    The modding can adds some good stuff in a game perhaps it's not important to get it when the game is new but if the deal sells are good they can made one to expand the game's life.
    this can allows the modders to make they own stories with the DX universe, and if the game has a full mod support like the unreal engine 1 (UT99 + oldskool amp'd) the modder can make more easily a story and gives you some fun for free.
    They can port eventually the previous DX games to the DX 3 engine if they want.

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    As a modder, I absolutely want an SDK. Eat up development hours? Bah. Shenanigans.

    It prolongs the shelf life of a game (by adding years and years of moddable content), it allows your fans to use their own creativity, and it engenders a lot of goodwill among people who have dedicated tons of time and effort into learning to use the tools.


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    Absolutely. An SDK would be brilliant and essential. Agreed with WildCat.

    While I don't use the SDK, I really appreciate all the people who do spend their own time making stuff for games.

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    Its a must have, even if they release the game first, then the SDK.

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    A well documented SDK does wonders for a computer game, the battle call for good SDK functionality is obviously the original Half-Life, well documented and the level design tools were so straightforward to use - It wasn't difficult to learn how to do new things in the level editor for HL1, sadly that hasn't been quite so well replicated in the HL2+ version of the level editor, but ahh well.
    If you look at Maya, its not a bad program per se, but learning how to do new things, well, theres so many menus and you basically have to know what you're looking for and the tutorials often aren't very good at giving you that information especially if you're using Maya 2008 and the tutorial was written for an earlier version and certain menu sets have moved somewhere else etc. I'm not a big fan of Maya at the moment as its not particularly straightforward tool in my mind, I suppose thats dictated by the fact that making character models and putting textures on them (etc) ain't exactly easy to implement as toolsets go.

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    OK so maybe I was a little rash to bring all my cards to the table and say there should be no SDK. I realise that there is something of a modding community, which would indeed grow and thrive if a new SDK were released alongside DX3.

    I still don't see it happening personally. Maybe an edit pack released a little later, as part of a Gold Edition or something.

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    An SDK is vital to a game like DX3. In the interest of replay value, they should definately release one. It'd be great to couple it with the game, but there's no problem with releasing the SDK a little later either (even the hardcore modders will want to play the game before messing with the SDK anyway).

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    Originally Posted by Voltaire
    Personally, no.
    I think that an SDK package would use up valuable programming hours, and the developpers should prioritise DX3 as more important than an edit pack, their marriages and maintenance of personal hygeine.
    People seem do worry about production resources more than developers do.

    All for SDK! After the game is done, possibility to edit it is a top priority.

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    Originally Posted by Nathan2000
    People seem do worry about production resources more than developers do.
    This is exactly my worry.
    But, after consideration, I agree that an edit pack for DX3 would increase longevity (just look at the tiny size of the MP community of DX1 now) and keep it alive. So long as the game does not suffer.

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    UnrealED has the best SDK interface I've ever known (compared to Valve's Hammer, which I still, after 2 years, can't control). How can they top that?

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    Unfortunately, I think it's very unrealistic to expect a SDK for Deus Ex 3. I would be extremly surprised if it happened.

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    I agree with Tracer tong and the unreal ED in the first DX adds a multiplayer, it's not the best, but this multiplayer keep some DX features and is something different than others multiplayer, I've played in it still enjoyable, as the other mods. and with the new engine they can made mods sooner for the tomb raider and add some DX features for example or import lara croft and use JC denton or other things use the tomb raider view.
    The dev's have the engine ready, they can add an editor with or wait later for a special edition or later to release a free development pack if the deal sales are good ....

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    Wait a second.... I know it's not the same engine, but Tomb Raider: Chronicles had an SDK (unpopular but available)

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    It really comes down to the pipeline of Deus Ex 3. Building a game is kinda like reinventing a camera every time you won't to shot a movie. Even with the crystal dynamics engine there would need to be allot of tweaking to make it work with Deus Ex 3 and all the things the team hopes to accomplish. Pretty much the pipeline for the game won't be finished until the game is done, then if the game is popular maybe the might consider refining the pipeline and handing it out as an SDK. But theres almost no way there will be an SDK when the game comes out.

    But for all we know Map development could take place inside something like 3ds max, in witch case anyone who was considering doing some SDK work would be out of luck unless they are already a fairly good 3d artiest. On the other hand if crystal dynamics has a map editor it would be a good place for Edios to show it off and get some people to learn it.

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    Will there be an SDK for DX3?

    Does anybody know if there will be an SDK release for DX3? One of the main things that pissed me off about IWar was the fact that there was an SDK released for Thief 3, (which uses almost the exact same engine as IWar, renderer and all...) yet there was no such release for IWar!

    If there had been an SDK released for IWar, then I feel that the game wouldn't have been such a colossal disappointment, because there are many DX fans out there who are skilled enough at modding that they would have immediately corrected most, if not all of the game's flaws, gameplay and storyline-wise.

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    Perhaps. Fans did improve graphics quite a bit with custom texture packs.

    I don't think anybody knows if there will be an SDK, but the fact that TR with the similar engine gets released prior to DX3 means that there will be a lot more people working on various editors and converters by hacking the game's resource files. So hopefully, there will be some community content either way.

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    Why is you font so big? Seriously, you need to just chill right out with that setting, hombre.

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    Yeah, don't rock the font boat We're all 11-point arials right here so if you wanna stay, you'll fit in with us. Maybe in a year, you can graduate to Times New Roman. MAYBE.

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    To answer the question, we just don't know. Plus, I suspect the developers have other things to worry about right now, like desperately trying to meet the extremely high demands of an anxious fan base many of which may have conflicting requirements for what they want from the game (Obv most of the outspoken folks on the Inet want something more like DX1, but there are a small number of people who'd prefer something streamlined like DX2 (Disclaimer: I'm with the DX1 crowd) so yeah, altogether difficult for them right now). Really, its more of a question to ask when the developers have released the game and they have the time to look into whether it will be worth the effort (based on sales and stuff like that).

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    We have a thread regarding SDK and fan missions:

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    MissDenton, were you a member of Ion Storm's board under same or similar name around the time of IW release? The talk of SDK seemed to trigger some sort of a memory.

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    Sorry about the big font. I didn't know what the standard size was here, so I just went for maximum readability. I'll try to stick to the defaults from now on.

    Anyway, thanks for answering my question. Personally, I don't really see why we cant have it both ways. (DX1's atmosphere, mood, and character development, with DX2's streamlining) I mean, are they really mutually exclusive? I think a lot of the fan base really doesn't know what they want themselves, and are giving the devs a lot of mixed messages as a result.

    I think it would be a better idea for us to keep our expectations in check until the devs start giving us some solid info about the game, and then giving them *reasonable* feedback. One of the big reasons why it's taken this long for Eidos to do a sequel for DX is because of the enormous backlash that resulted from the IWar fiasco.

    The DX fan base means well, but if they aren't careful about how they give their criticism, they'll end up scaring Eidos away from DX forever. I mean, why do another DX game if all the fans are gonna do is whine and moan?

    Sorry if that came across the wrong way, but I just want the devs to succeed this time. I didn't mean to offend anybody.

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    I'm fairly certain that gamers always know what they don't want, but never have a clue what they do want. I'm confident that Eidos has learned that by now, and has gotten very good at scanning through the 99% garbage ideas suggested by fans, and at picking up on and thinking about the 1% of ideas that often turn out to be helpful to the game.

    So don't worry about the fans scaring them off. I'm pretty sure that they just ignore all the bull about "DON'T MAKE IT IW!". You can * all you want about how IW sucked and how you don't want DX3 to look anything like it, but it won't change a damn thing because the Devs already got that message a long time ago.

    So save your breath. We know that people don't want another IW. Fair enough. Moving on...

    As to an SDK- I'd love for there to be an SDK for DX3. I would start playing around with it the second I finished the game itself.

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