Ok, so I cracked open my old copy of thief 3 earlier and installed them on my laptop so I can play what has always been one of my favourite games, and everything seemed to be going fine -- game booted, loaded, saves, etc. There's an issue with the desktop being visible between loading of areas, but whatever. The ratio doesn't bother me either despite the widescreen laptop having black sections on either side.

What DOES bother me is that I seem to be... missing a lot of the game? I'm missing characters like Elizabeth and her guards, loot doesn't carry over or anything, a couple stationary guardsmen in the city disappeared after I passed them and turned around to check where they were, there was nothing about purchasing the opal when I made it to Bertha beyond a general commentary on it and I did not get the note that's meant to further the plot after leaving her. After the opal retrieval part, I'm also missing the blackjack and knife from the weapons arsenal, as well as the map. When I try to open the map, it tells me that I do not yet have a map for the mission. Objectives also do not display. Furthermore, the game crashes after I leave stonemarket and return to south quarter and attempt to enter garett's building.

The patches I've seen deal with the aspect ratio and save issues, and I have no idea how to fix the problem I'm having. ]: I'm reinstalling it now to see if that helps, but if you all could help me somehow, that would be fantastic. I'm tempted to get a... less than legal copy, but I have no idea how to mount an .iso, and I'd really, really like to use the actual game I purchased when it was released in real life. :\ None of the discs are scratched, and last time they were played (~2005? Definitely on windows XP) they ran like a dream.

If the answer involves getting into the under-the-hood stuff, please include an explanation, haha. I've never had to do under the hood tinkering/corrections/etc before for my games and I don't want to make a crucial mistake or end up with more frustration than I started with.

Windows 7 (64, i think? Uncertain)
a6 vision AMD
Quad Core AMD radeon graphics