Thread: Why isn't this Star Ocean the Second Evolution available in PSN?

Why isn't this Star Ocean the Second Evolution available in PSN?

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    Why isn't this Star Ocean the Second Evolution available in PSN?

    I recently wrote Square Enix in regards to this.

    The response I received back is less then satisfactory.

    Thank you for contacting SQUARE ENIX support,

    Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We regret to inform you that we do not have any kind of access to any of the information you have requested at this time. Nor do we have any information on what other resources might have that information. You can get updated information on our latest & upcoming releases from the "Latest News" portion of our website, Please understand we are only able to comment and offer information already released/announced via the website.

    Thank you for contacting the SQUARE ENIX Support Center.

    I've been a loyal Square soft supporter for over 10 years and been buying Square soft / Square Enix games since I was 10 years old. I realize Square Enix is not Square soft and that Tri-Ace may hold the right to Star Ocean: The Second Evolution, (a well as the rest of Star Ocean series) but if that is the case why not say so? Your fans could understand why the most popular series your company ever developed was not available if it was based on a legal matter.

    However, instead Square Enix remains silent on this issue, which I would be more then happy to launch a complaint to Tri-Ace directly if I thought it would do some good. To be blunt, there are a lot of fans like myself who want the Star Ocean series to return to it's former glory.

    There is still plenty of money to be made out of the Star Ocean. I would love to be able to rebuy Star Ocean the First and Second Evolution as my original copies have degrade to be unplayable due to the age of the disks they were written on. (They will play, but the game will freeze often) Please do not abandon such a great franchise and support your fan base.

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    My absolute favorite Star Ocean game is "Star Ocean: The Second Story" for the PS1. When it didn't freeze, of course. lol I didn't like the fact that it was remade on the PSP. It should've been remade on the PSN, so everyone could play it(PS3, PSP, Vita, etc..). I just don't like it when a game that was made for a stationary console gets remade 'ONLY' for a portable. That really bugs the heck outa me.

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    It's absolutely crazy that you can't buy Star Ocean the First and Second Evolution from PSN. The Star Ocean series is one of the most popular RPGs of all time and the classic versions aren't available? Really?

    It can't be a technical issue, the only reasonable explanation is Tri-Ace doesn't want to share for some reason.

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    Star Ocean isn't even close to being one of the most popular game series of all time. It is a good series, but it's not very popular.

    Anyway, from what I can tell, it's not even available on the JPN PSN, so don't expect it on the NA one.

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    The series may not be the most popular, but it's popular enough. I have yet to see an RPG with a better battle system 'idea'. And there are a lot of good systems out there. Actually, I 'think' it was the "Star Ocean" series that sparked the ideas that have shown up in a lot of those other systems we've seen over the years. I'm sure some day somebody somewhere will do something with this series.

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    Malroth Star Ocean series is one of the best selling RPG series of all time. (Google it if you don't believe me.)

    Plus, it's got a unique battle system, likeable characters, and great storylines. The Star Ocean Series deserves to be in PSN a lot more then some of the games that we currently have in there. It's just plain wrong that only people who own PSP's can enjoy the beginning of this series.

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    The series has moved a few million units in total (mostly in Japan), that's hardly one of the best selling of all time. It's a niche series, a very good one, but it's still niche. The games do stand out from almost every other JRPG for their uniqueness.

    Either way, if the games aren't on PSN, there's most likely some kind of licensing issue that they don't feel is worth the time, money and effort. Seems like they don't feel like sharing what the issue is.

    Also, what exactly have you been doing with the discs and UMDs to wear them out, using them as coasters? I still have my copy of 2 for the PS1 in great condition even after all the times I played it.

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    Well, I bought the original Star Ocean 1 and 2 for playstation, both of them were used, so that may be more of a factor then age.)

    Back then I couldnt afford to buy new games very often. It's funny now I almost never buy used game and I can afford to buy them new... and yet a lot of the older titles aren't available anymore. It's a real shame when things like that die out and disappear.

    Not just video games, but moves too. When the big revolution from VHS to DVD and finally to Blue ray happened, many classic movies were never converted over. Ah well, not much average folks can do about problems like that.

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    Its astonishing that SO 1 + 2 aren't on PSN, what do they want fans of the series to do? get some roms and an emulator? because getting the psp version is damn near impossible these days! you think a struggling company would release its back catalog on PSN to make instant cash! hell Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep also aren't on PSN for random unknown reasons

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    I've still got my UMD copies because at one point before the Vita came out there was supposedly this promotion where you could get a certain number of UMDs in digital form to put on the then-new Vita. So, my PSP got traded in and that promotion never ended up actually happening. I enjoy this game enough I'd rebuy a digital copy to be able to play it again (I'd buy First Departure too since I never got around to beating it when I had a PSP) and from what I've been able to gather there's a decent number of people who would like to get a PSN version. It won't suddenly be a multi-million seller but people who've looked for it in the past might get interested and since PSP PSN releases are so rare now, the websites that list new stuff on PSN would end up with Star Ocean by itself in the "New PSP" releases section. That'd probably get some eyes on it.

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    Sony is still putting PSOne classics out. They just released Suikoden II in December 2014. If SE would get off its ass, it could release SO TST for the PSN. I am hoping for the to release Dragon Warrior VII, but SE does not seem to care too much about its NA PSOne fans. After I purchased the Vita, I repurchased a PSP 3001 so I could play SO TFD and SO TSE. It sucks, but there it is. SE does not care.