Thread: Kane and Lynch Article in Hitman newspaper

Kane and Lynch Article in Hitman newspaper

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    Kane and Lynch Article in Hitman newspaper

    I don't know if this is any news to the community- but I did not find anything on it.

    So here is what I just discovered playing Hitman Blood Money after clearing House of Cards level.

    Due to the fact that the Article is in german I translated it for you:

    "Death Candidates on the Run -

    Two death setenced imprisoners yesterday escaped in a spectacular raid targeting a prisoner transport. Both men were about to be transported from the State Prison of Nevada to the Ely Conversation Camp in White Pine just 12 hours before the execution ought to take place. Whilst the drive the policecarrier was hit by an armored vehicle, followed by a dramatic shootout. According to police information the two fugitives are armed and extremely dangerous. The identity of the two men is that one of them is Adam Marcus, a former elite-soldier, who until recently worked as a mercenary, and the other one is the serial killer "Mr.Little", a convicted murder of at least 13 people.
    During the raid more than 50 people died. An eye-witness refered to it as "war like scenario". Most of the victims were cops. Also the prison warders and a further prisoner were killed during the raid, according to the FBI was "obviously planned and executed by professionals, which have a..."

    So we see in this article the EXACT story from which Kane and Lynch take place.

    Not only the setting and the name of Adam "Kane" Marcus but also the opening sequence of the game where spoilered here unnoticed.

    I found it sort of funny, because the game was in development at the time the article was put into the Hitman game

    Here's the picture:

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    wow that is cool

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    There's a similarly worded story on the first newspaper page when you finish the Swing King training level.