Thread: Recoil on human weapons?

Recoil on human weapons?

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    Recoil on human weapons?

    Its a bit hard to control or aim with some of the human weapons, the scout weapon in particular, idk if maybe other crossbows have less recoil but I find it really hard to aim and get kills with it. Sure its an automatic weapon and a crossbow is a bit hard to handle but still?

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    I think you mean the hunter and not the scout, as the hunter uses the crossbow.

    Think of the crossbow as an assault rifle, the recoil will continue to increase as you hold down the trigger.
    So it's better to fire in short bursts, especially at longer distances.

    Here is a snip from the Survival guide posted by Corey

    - Your automatic crossbow is very powerful but becomes less accurate the longer you fire it. At long range, use short bursts to maintain accuracy.
    Check out the survival guide, lots of handy tips

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