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Thread: Help for a cosplay!

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    Help for a cosplay!

    Hi people, well, my sister is trying to find the perfect acessories for a lara cosplay, so i showed her a lot of airsoft guns bacpacks & stuff like that...

    we already figured out the clothes & guns, the holster will be the magnetic one angie used on TR movie 1, they´re quite easy to manipulate.
    she´ll have a shoulder light, black bacpacks(like in the TR 8 pics), horsetail like in TR2 movie...

    well, the only thing missing is that supercool rope thing of TR legend & anniversary, i´m trying to find it on ebay for decades, we came across a lot of diferent models but they´re all super heavy & big!!! so, does anyone here knows if laras rope is a manual launching style or is it like a gun?(if it´s manual, how the hell can a human bean lauch a rope that fast & with that precision??? )

    PS: here are the chosen guns:

    double pistols:


    my uncle builted it so i dont have any pics, but is very simple, made of fake leather and with a magnetic stone on each side to make the pistols be safe and easy to remove at the same time...


    the shotgun holster is adapted to the bacpack

    well, i´m sorry about creating a topic just for taht but i really want her to win this years cosplay competition

    PS2: sorry about my bad english

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    Cool anything but ordinary ...

    ... Lara's grapple makes me think ... Spiderman.

    i don't think you could realistically find something like that so i would settle for something (convenient) that just suggests the concept.

    some self-winding fishing line thingy with a magnet on the end would do it.
    i mean its not like the cosplayer is actually going to use it ...

    of course, you want it to look classy, so avoid aluminum foil and duct tape ...

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    This one doesn't collapse. Dimensions aren't given either, so it might be too big to wear on your hip. You could contact the vendor though.

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    Thank u!!!!

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    Cool ninja, please ...

    Quote Originally Posted by LisaB View Post
    This one doesn't collapse. Dimensions aren't given either...
    hmmm ... somehow that grapple doesn't inspire Lara for me.

    i sort of assumed you were looking for a hot, hi-tech grapple ...

    perhaps similar to the one in the (clickable) Tomb Raider ad ...

    best of luck to you!

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    That's pretty cool to do...
    G'd luck with it!
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