I'm playing Anniversary on PSP, and currently, I'm in the Obelisk of Khamoon area. I'm at the part where you have to (in the doorway you enter with Anubis or the jackal-type animal -- you have to swing on sets of poles to get there).

If what I say next is hard to visualize, here is exactly where I am in the Tomb Raider Visual Walkthough: (I can't give the link to the Walkthrough, so you can find it on google then attach the following?)

I pull out the block (behind it is a medpack) and use it to jump onto a wall-ledge. I jump up again and wall run to my left using the grapple hook then make my way to a walk on my left (that has some large block stairs, one step has ammo, the next has a medpack, the next is a downward slide and connected above is a block with an artifact). Ok so skipping a few parts...I go to the part where you have from a wall ledge swing across some blades then swing back for leverage to get to the higher ledge above from where you just were. Here is where I get stuck. While I'm hanging on to this ledge, I can see that I'm supposed to grapple another hook and wall-run across two blades; however, Lara is locked on the hook RIGHT BELOW the one I'm supposed to use, so I end up hooking on to the lower one and being stuck on the wall in some weird position that I can't do anything from and eventually I get sliced.

Is there anything I can do? Are there any patches? Has anyone else had this problem? Please help! I'm so frustrated! Is there any way to get around this?