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Thread: OK,why it has to end with no end?

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    OK,why it has to end with no end?

    In order to see the true ending to defiance game,people have to open the Dark Chronicles and select Prologue.I didn't understand that.Next question is what is with that 3 seconds end cut scene,and Kain's pathetic end line? What is with that ending????? Kain stands watching the toppled pillars and do nothing but emoes about it? Raziel is said to have free will,so some lingering inside a soul rea ver should do his soul no harm.And Since Kain has no special bonuses with using Soul Reaver sword,he should break the full Soul Reaver sword being to emo cous of the sacrifice of Raziel,choosing to free(read:finally destroy or end Raziel's existence) but Raziel's infinite unbound soul would exit the blade without Kain's knowledge,transported back to underworld,but now with Elder God little silenced and scared voice.Raziel should get back ability to reappear anywhere as he got one of unlocking powers in SR1.His quest would be to find Elder God's beginning(center of spreading) and brain.Now endowed with full potential of the Soul Reaver blade he would be able to destroy it.I guess the game play should be same as Defiance with little better graphics,with Kain and Raziel story intervening.
    Kain should go to Pillars and do the balance ritual to restore pillars.
    As no guardians appointed the Hyldens should amass an army at ancient
    portal at the base of some random Nosgoth mountains.The Raziel should carry the 45% of the game time while the rest is Kain's.I know that team lost a voice actor but some people can mimic sounds too.Or act a voice actor.
    The Raziel should have his most game time in underworld killing remains of main Elder god parts(brains,say 5 parts of it) he should meet Kain at the point of that ancient gate of hylden which is basically the last power source from Elder god,made by his two tentacles sprouting from earth. The game should then base around dual same time Kain and Raziel against say 100 enemies at once(like a small regiments)Kain should be main guy for mass fights.Raziel should be seen only in those situation as blender for multiple Hylden units.
    Their TK and combat abilities should be enchansed to match mass fight(aka Kains TK pushes 25 units on back or burns them too)Later the duo should search some power source to power up a gate and enter Hylden space.It should be same alien concept mixed with some heretical church order like worshiping new general or such.Then Kain should have ability to ask raziel for help in spectral or material realm like take care of the guards while i push the switches or such.In spectral mode he could pass walls to count or spot enemies for Kain to slaughter.he also could ask Raziel to materialise and help him rampage poor hyldens.End boss should be a large scale hylden army with thier half god general.End should be like Kain apoints gaurdians for pillars,Raziel is Nature guardian.Everything is fine in Nosgoth,vampires feed of cattle,which is abundant.Kain sits at the base of endlesly rising pillars and says:Rejoice Nosgoth,for it is the last drop of blood that falls on to you.
    For it is I who will drink the falling enemies blood before it stains you again.Raziel is at his left arm side as if seeing calmness in the future.This is my proposal.If it is difficult to create a full game the expansion should be created giving us 10 hours of changed game play.The ending you created broke hearts for all real fans.This is my proposal and remark. I hope it starts some creative fire in the minds of eidos team.People need a good closure.

    Disregard a part of new game concept i was taken by my emotions.Read on down below.

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    I haven´t understood it either...

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    strong end? are you deaf? he said hope! Kain was not the character that hopes,he the character that does(above all destroy things) so he had to turn emo on Raziel to make up the crap end that developer team had no time to finish properly as 4 games before.Those games had normal cliffhanger endings and they had their closure.
    BO:It is our duty to thin the heard
    BO2:To victor goes the spoils,at last Nosgoth would be mine
    SR:Welcome to your destiny
    SR2:History abhors a paradox
    Defiance:The first bitter taste of that terrible illusion-hope
    The last line doesn't fit the game and doesn't explain the next thing.The next game is really necessary.

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    Yeah, I'm a little confused. Personally, I liked Defiance's ending.

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    Man this thing still don't make sense and we're not deaf nobodies deaf. We just believe there is a strong ending to it. Your talking about elder Kain who's not anything like the younger Kain. His character has grown and matured through the centuries of experience.

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    He is just stronger.His purpose was to rule Nosgoth and be something like a God.
    He will always be egoist,self centered,recless ruler,but end depicted him broken and sad.He hasnt lost anything,and Raziel is in his grasp.That is why the 4,5k people want a new game.It is a small number but hey....the coin is still flipping.

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    It's called character development.

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    I really didn't feel like it was concluded. I felt that Kain finally had the wool pulled from his eyes, and he finally had a glimpse of what was really going on. He knows who is pulling the strings (EG) and what he has to do to save Nosgoth.

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    My only real problem with the ending was that it was so open, which I don't really mind because it leaves room for another game. Kain is still a strong character, he's still looking out for number one, the only reason he was all "emo" was because he just lost the best damn liutenant and probably the closest thing he's ever had to a friend, but he knows that it's not in vain, he can take down the Elder God and finally rule the land as he feels he deserves.
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    the way i thought about it was it was the one part in the soul reaver games that showed that kain isnt an all knowing being. after all he has known that there is something ordering all these events but could never find who/what.

    as for being emotional, whell he has gone and lost his son and who he thought was the one being he could gain help from in order toset history on a path that was best. all through out the soul reaver games if you take away the anger from raziel he's acting as if he is taking to a really close mate he has pulled a joke on.

    as far as being concluded... no not by a long way. i think it was very clererly done, showing it at the same time that blood omen one ends as it shows that kain feels that he is no closer to reaching his goal as he was when he was young, and do remember he's lived countless ages, all that time he has just been waiting for raziel to become ready (see soul reaver 1 ending) and in the space of, what would you say? a year? two? three? things have started to take place that he was hoping for.

    yes you can say that the last line of the ending was bad but only if you only think of the last line and not the whole thing. after all its my love of playing kain and that last cut sceen thats making me want to play LOK over and over.

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    I felt that the ending in defiance was a strong one that is perfect for a final LOK game where you only control Kain. Maybe Raziel can speak from the soulreaver(Just a random thought).
    I feel that Kain is cleansed of all corruption in the ending making him see the elder god and giving him some hope for the future now that he knows what he must deal with.

    I have never in my gaming history felt such strong emotions as I felt when Kain confronted raziel and I really thought that Kain died but I still hoped that he lived and when Raziel was defeated by the possessed Janos and I suddenly got to control Kain again I trembled of the powerful story.
    I see Kain as the main character and always have. It is called Legacy of KAIN after all. I just hope that they will make one final climactic game to finish it all in an epic way. The games up till now have been perfect.

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    I really hope that if there is another one that Raziel will stay in the sword and won't be able to talk or anything. The whole point of his sacrifice for Kain to kill the Elder God was that he knew that there was no going back, that he would never be free again, and if that was taken away, that would just cheapen and ruin his sacrifice.

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    Ok,gathered intel from all your responses.Maybe i went rushing in with emotions.Yes Raziel should remain in the sword.But we somehow agreed in mid point that game hasn't given US(consumers ,ey?) a good strong finish to the LoK saga like all other parts had.So yes i really really like to hope that ehem...EIDOS developer team reads forums..and that we wanna see real end,not some last second spill on the paper.I mean we are talking about Eidos,they made 2 very very famous game sagas like Tomb Raider,Hitman and LoK.They even made movies out of those games!It isn't some cheap old used up russian game developing studio,it is legendary EIDOS! I mean Plato spoke of eidos,which meant form or idea, a complete concept of thing being fully understood and defined.What this Eidos gave us as the saga end,simply isn't satisfying.U gotta finish the story really.U see what happens when u wanna ressurect dead chars,games turn out stupid,like in Lara Croft case.But they fixed it with Angel of Darkness,just to spoil it with Legend game(it sucked a lot and I felt like playing Prince Of Persia with guns)so i say,WE WANT FINAL ULTIMATIVE REAL FORMED TRUE ENDING TO THIS LOK SAGA!
    phew thank you for seeing and posting here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zulgbrtzchllha View Post
    I really hope that if there is another one that Raziel will stay in the sword and won't be able to talk or anything. The whole point of his sacrifice for Kain to kill the Elder God was that he knew that there was no going back, that he would never be free again, and if that was taken away, that would just cheapen and ruin his sacrifice.
    I feel exactly the same. It's nice to see that there are others out there who don't want a cheasey happy ending for Raziel. He made his sacrifice, let it stand.
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