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Thread: Screenshot Competition Round XX - Voting

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    Screenshot Competition Round XX - Voting

    Time to vote everyone.

    As usual the voting lasts one week.

    Points work as 3 for most favourite, 2 for your second favourite and 1 for 3rd favourite.

    Voting Started 10th and will end on the 17th of March

    Link for viewing the entries is below.

    And good luck everyone!

    Let the voting begin!

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    Alrightio here goes:

    3 pts ~ Humbug (Brilliant capture)
    2 pts ~ Tomb Dude (Beautiful scenery)
    1 pt ~ Rai (Lovely scenery)

    Brillaint shots everybody wish I could vote for everbody but I can't , amazing shots in there.

    Hall of fame (Had to copy )
    -Spong ~ Brilliantly funny shot really REALLY wanted to include you in my voting
    -Chadster ~ Brilliant capture really nice.
    -Jezyk ~ Love the outfit and brilliant title!
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    Humbug - 3 < Amazing shot

    Rai - 2 < Loved the scenery behind the picture

    Spong - 1 < Completly different

    Wanted to include everyone. In this round but i couldnt there where all amazing shots and found it differcult to choose.

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    Thx William
    My vote:
    3 points - Chadster
    2 points - Humbug
    1 point - Spong

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    3 points - Tomb-Dude
    2 points - humbug
    1 point - Chadster

    @William Croft
    Why was my shot funny? It's a landscape shot, it was meant to instil a sense of awe, not comedy

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    Thanks for my points guys!

    Here are my votes

    Jezjk 3 points
    Spong 2 points
    Chadster 1 point
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    Humbug - 3

    Chadster - 2

    Spong - 1

    Cool Cool Cool They all looked so good.

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    So here are mine: Well done Everyone for yet more great shots!

    Jezyk = 3 points - for the caption/mod and overallness
    Humbug = 2 points - a shot similar to one I was going to use of the breathtaking scenery
    Tomb-Dude = 1 points clever capture of Lara mid parachute.

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    Congratulations Humbug!

    This round is now over.

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    Thanks for my votes everyone. I've set up the new round, you can post your screens as of tommorrow (19th).

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