Thread: Half the sound effects missing on Xbox360 version, video proof provided.

Half the sound effects missing on Xbox360 version, video proof provided.

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    Half the sound effects missing on Xbox360 version, video proof provided.

    I'm going to keep this short and simple. I paid 50 dollars for this game, and even if it's going to be just a mindless action romp, I expect at least the sound effects to work. They don't. Now I've sent e-mails on support for this, and was apparently ignored, so I did some research of my own.

    I took the game back to where I bought it, and asked the manager to test it on the stores Xbox display unit, which has amazing sound and a great display to it. Enemy gunfire is missing, explosions either make no noise at all, or just barely if you jam your ear to the speaker, and in general, it's missing half the sound effects for no apparent reason whatsoever.

    The kicker however? When the manager who was slightly at a loss for words opened up a brand new copy of the game, it did the same exact thing. So no, it isn't just my copy, and it isn't my console or TV, because I tested it on SIX different TV's, and 4 different Xbox360 consoles, all gave the same exact results.

    Could you play a game lacking these essential sound effects, such as explosions that take place two inches from your face, or point-blank enemy fire? More so, what could POSSIBLY be causing this problem, when it doesn't seem to effect everyone with the game?

    I will not take any cheap excuses, and I don't want to hear it's just me, because I'll get you signed statements from various people who all are experiencing the same exact thing, and since it's not a 20 dollar budget title, and costs 50 dollars...and it's being advertised and somewhat hyped, I expect instead to see the developers fix this, and soon.

    I came in support of a game people are bashing and hating on for no reasons, and I'm starting to feel like maybe I should bash it, because complete or not, for this to occur, the game simply wasn't tested enough.

    As such, myself and other Xbox360 users with this issue, are asking nicely, that you fix it with an update. That's me, and around 37 other people I know on XBL, who all have the same issue, and whom need a fix ASAP.

    Link to proof-

    It's not safe for work btw, and does have some rather foul langague in it, but when you spend 4 hours trying to get a game to work, and get no help or can't find anything to fix it, you tell me if you'd be happy. I mean I work all day, and want to relax and play games in my spare time, not troubleshoot console games that shouldn't need any fixing in the first place.

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    Interesting that the console users got shafted
    along with PC users .

    A LOT of PC users are having sound issues aswell

    When so many people have these issues it kinda
    gives the impression that the company never
    did any decent beta testing of the game.

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    For some magic reason, after uninstalling a demo or two, and then going to sleep, I wake up for one final try at getting the sounds to work in this game, and volia, the problem is just magically fixed.

    I couldn't tell you how, or why, but NOW the game is playable. I will however, not be taking down that video, because just because my copy decided to work like a full retail game, too many people have issues with this one, and it wreaks of a publisher and developer not doing their job.

    If I figure out what the fix was however, I'll be sure to update and post how to go about doing it.

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    Who does any one want to copy xbox360 games to HDD:
    First off, plug your Xbox 20 gig hard drive into the Elite console, and the go into Memory and select the 20 gig hard drive. Move the content you would like to move, including your gamer profile to the Memory Unit. Once the memory unit is filled, put the 120 gig hard drive in the console and begin moving everything to the 120 gig hard drive, with the exception of your gamer profile (if you have more content to move just repeat the above steps.

    Once all of the content you would like to move has been moved, you can then transfer the gamer profile to the 120 gig hard drive. I recommend doing a format on the 20gig hard drive just in case there are files on it that contain confidential information.

    There you have it, all of your content on the new Xbox 360 Elite, without the use of the transfer kit and without the need to be signed into Xbox Live to play.

    Hope this help.

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    I think this is enough .....
    I do agree with you. Those are the most effective way