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PS3 Game Host Question

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    PS3 Game Host Question

    I was wondering if anyone could answer how the PS3 is hosting games. Is it on the Developers server or are individual players PS3's hosting these games? Over the last couple of days I've experienced some serious lag playing in some of the matches. Whereas other times the gameplay is fabulous. If these are being hosted on an individual players PS3 is there a way an "indicator" of the hosts' "Ping" could be displayed?

    It would really help to be able to avoid those rooms where the connection may not be the greatest.

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    Its the PS3 Player who acts as Host. If they leave the game then it is cancelled (everyone else will get a Disconnect icon). Latency depends on the connection between your machine and the Host's machine which is why some games are lag free and others are lagtastic.

    Unfortunately there seems to be no way of knowing how good your connection is to the host, I guess if you ask your host what country they are from it might give a bit of an indicator

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    Most console games dont have a proper standalone server
    to host LOW ping dedicated servers since the programers
    and companys are too LAZY and cheap to release them

    A lot of FPS games on the PC will have standalone
    dedicated server software (BF series is a good example)

    Ive only seen THREE dedicated server programs for console
    games hosted on a normal PC

    MOHH (PSP) game server dedicated (runs on Windows)
    SWBF1 for PS2 game server dedicated (runs on Windows)
    SWBF2 for PS2 game server dedicated (runs on Windows)

    Also unlike PC games the console games wont display ping
    values , also due to consoles using this method they
    reduce player amount in coop/multi since its hosted
    on a home connection with low upsteam .