Thread: Cannot run digital download game setup file

Cannot run digital download game setup file

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    Cannot run digital download game setup file

    Just purchased the game via D2D from Fileplanet. When I try to install the game, I get an error that the version my OS is not compatible with the file. I am running Vista Ultimate 64 bit. Is there a 64 bit version of the game? I had no problem installing and running the demo. There was no 64 bit version listed on Fileplanet. Can anyone help out?

    Thank you !!!

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    I got it from Steam and it works perfectly with Vista x64

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    Often the D2D Fileplanet edition is different and doesnt work with
    retail disc patchs .

    I personaly find it funny that people buying copies of this game are
    having issues after the multiple threads of people commenting
    how bad the demo is .

    Did anyone that bought it via online method actually try the demo
    before hand .

    Just by looking at the forum you can tell that no eidos staff are helping
    the only edios rep seems to be one just posting about comps all the time.

    If possible get a REFUND , thats my suggestion and play another
    game instead

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    Thank you both for the feedback. I am going to download it again in case something was corrupt.

    charliebrownau, I have no quarrel with your opinion of the game and you are certainly entitled to it. "Bad" is a very relative term. I played the demo thru three times. I personally did not find it as deplorable as some others did. I actually thought my online buddy and I could have some fun playing co-op with it (he played the demo too). We like those kind of things. For us, that is more enjoyable than playing the mindless - run around, kill everything, whose fingers are the quickest - type of game, or the countless - build an army, send it to attack, build more stuff, whose mouse is the quickest - type of game. As life goes, 'to each his own'. And while I thank you for taking time to respond to my question, I would not purchase anything totally based on yours or anyone else's opinion. I try to do my homework first.

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    Follow-up to this post:

    After submitting several support tickets to Fileplanet over the last 3 days and getting no response, I e-mailed them that I wanted a refund. Still no reply. So I threatened them with an attempt to recover the money they had received from my account thru my credit card provider. Shortly after that I received this e-mail:

    "We're sorry that you have been inconvenienced.

    Unfortunately, this game is not compatible with Windows Vista 64-bit.
    As such, I have processed the refund to your account."

    Juanlo, can you tell me what version of Vista 64 you are running? Did Steam offer a 64 bit version of the game?