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Thread: 3 months - no patch - disgraceful

3 months - no patch - disgraceful

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    3 months - no patch - disgraceful

    well... 3 months on and still no patch to fix the amazingly shortsighted faults in the pc version of the game (ok so 2 months 3 weeks to be pedantic)

    so whats the story.. are we actually getting one or not , i dont like being lied to. 3 months is an utter disgrace, and before everyone starts saying 'patches take time etc etc', all i can say is , if every other publisher/developer out there can release patches in a reasonable timeframe (usually a month) why cant these devs.

    its an absolute joke that after this amount of time i still have ALL the problems i had on day one. so this is how i feel, as a customer, .... absolutely of no worth whatsoever. Sorry its true. Not a single one of the pc issues (e.g. no dedicated servers, splitscreen only coop, 360 controller needed.... LOTS of random crashes) are any different from day one.

    I know companies that have released software and had a patch ready on release day. so dont tell me it cant be done. The truth (i suspect) is that there is absolutely no interest in releasing a patch to fix these issues after the crap reviews the game (quite rightly ) got. Why throw more cash down the black hole of despair that is kane and lynch. It feels to me, as a consumer, that ive had my money taken, for a product completely not as described, and been ripped off. Sorry, but if this was anything else, e.g. a car, an electrical appliance etc, with this many faults, then im sorry i'd have you in court for my cash back. But of course you know that software isnt treated the same. especially games. I have a feeling people knew a few months before release the game was going to be half finished, but thought what the hey, lets hype it up, n recover as much fast cash as we can.

    What id like though is someone to step up and simply apologise. Thats all i want. a simple apology, for knowingly releasing the game in a shoddy state, and for spending 3+ months on a patch (if it ever actually appears).

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    absolutely well put i think you've got it in one there about the game wasn't ready but they thought they would relese it anyway to get as much cash raked i as possible. AND WHERE THE HELL IS THIS PATCH THEN OBVIOUSLY EIDOS ARE OPING TO FORGET ABOUT THIS AND FOR EVRYONE TO MOVE ON.

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    well put NovaBlack, i have thought of makign ym own thread on these disgraceful devs who think its alright to delay there patch, but i couldnt be like NovaBlack & Potentialkilla plus all the other owners of this game who cant be bothered either to post on these forums, get the god damn patch released NOW!

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    Patches dont make money they cost money. And k&l2 is on the way so why bother fixing a broken game? Games are being rushed, what is the average bug count on a game these days? Alot.

    And as i said before, enjoy my money.

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    whats the point in making k&l2 while every1 knows they couldnt be bothered to fix k&l? no1 will buy k&l2 if they know they cant fix it.....

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    cheers for the support guys. Sorry if i seem a bit overboard, bit i really cant describe how mad i am

    Still no official response i see...

    I really think somebody at Eidos needs to pull their finger out and at least demonstrate a little bit of good PR.

    i mean like i said, any other product (car/appliance) in any other area of our lives we'd demand our cash back, and i know games have bugs, i accept bugs as standard. These arent bugs, they are more like Huge giant man eating insect size bugs. Fundamental flaws/misrepresentations.

    NOWHERE did it say on my packaging i needed a 360 controller. and NOTHING has been done to even fix this simple issue (putting aside all the rest) and im not going to have anybody tell me that even at very least, just adding multi controller support is far to time consuming.

    As far as i see it yeah patches cost money. But they can use the money WE PAID THEM for the game in the first place.

    Come on Eidos , we just want a formal apology. Is that too much to give to customers (some who have been very loyal to the eidos name for years till this)

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    Im going to get banned but so what.

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    i wouldnt see why u would get banned for that...

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    That video is in reference to Jeff Gerstman, a former reviewer for Gamespot who was fired shortly after his negative review of Kane & Lynch. He basically addressed all the fundamental problems with Kane & Lynch and really summed it up for what it is... a good idea poorly executed.

    Anyway rumor has it that Eidos threatened to pull their advertising from Gamespot because of the review, which somewhere it has them quoted as saying it was "unprofessional" because Gerstman called the game "ugly" - and you know what? Eidos was perfectly in their rights. If they don't like how a site is doing something with regard to their product, they have every right to pull their advertising. That's just business people. I place the blame squarely in Gamespot's lap here - they CHOSE to fire Jeff over this, when they could have just told Eidos to take their money elsewhere. It really shows that Gamespot has no backbone here, and I think it's indicative of a growing trend with big-name game sites.

    I just want to go on record and say that I think game reviewing is a big business and that integrity is the most important aspect. I get most of my reviews from PC Gamer, simply because they came out and said - we don't care if we lose a lot of money because advertisers pull out after we trash a crappy game, we're gonna review the game as it is, no ifs ands or buts.

    Apparently Gamespot didn't have the balls to do that. The whole site has been going downhill anyway. Good riddance, I hope Jeff Gerstman gets a job somewhere else where he can speak his mind without fear of being fired for telling the truth.

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    wow.. over a week and no response..

    still waiting for just an apology. not asking for much.

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    I'm afraid these forums are as dead as the List Play servers.

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    *sigh* dont know what i expected really..

    i mean we were promised a patch.. and it never turned up. Just like half the features didnt turn up in the retail box when i bought it.

    Oh well .. guess i was wrong that eidos could regain that final shred of decency in my eyes. And ll i wanted was the word 'sorry'. well if you cant give me 5 letters, i cant give you my business in future.

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    To be honest, I really don't expect any updates or new content with Kane & Lynch... I think they are devoting all their efforts to Kane & Lynch 2 at this point.

    You're right, it is a shame... Eidos has always made pretty buggy games. Every hitman game has had em, Kane & Lynch is no different. Kane & Lynch does run pretty smoothly on my system though, I have had only about 1 crash and several more disconnects.

    dunno what to tell ya.

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    I am running on xbox so not suffering from massive issues, but reading this and seeing the lack of support from the developers or anyone is utterly disgusting.

    I for one am going to be very very wary of anything that comes out of Eidos in the future. I was prepared to give K&L a shot... and i really do enjoy the multiplayer, but seeing the lack of after sales support and they way they have treated the community is a real eye opener and even though i enjoyed the game i didn't enjoy it THAT much to lap up any other trash that they produce.

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    The patch is taking longer than expected but it is on it's way.

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    Originally Posted by Zacker
    The patch is taking longer than expected but it is on it's way.
    thanks for the update, but please understand why some of us take that sceptically. (dont want to sound like an ass , i know personally its not your fault, dealing with flack for a company can be frustrating, and do genuinely appreciate the reply)

    I mean we have heard that line for 3 months now.... and still no firm news. could you (if possible) gather any of the following facts?

    A) any idea of when ? i mean surely eidos can say oh itl be here in 2-4 weeks etc... unless of course it doesnt really have many people working on it, in which case it may never appear.

    B) wether a fix is in place for the none-sensical 360 controller issue

    c) whether lan will be implemented for pc

    still looking for the 'S' word too.


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    Please dear sweet baby jesus say we're getting some new Fragile Alliance maps....

    I can dream can't I?

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    I thought I'd drop back and I am surprised to see that there has been no patch?!

    I think it's to blame the developers for a lack of a patch - blame Eidos for pushing out the game too soon, not giving IOI enough time to finish the game properly and who knows what else they did to ruin the game during development..
    IOI have released some fantastic games, and I don't really believe K&L should be held against them, as it's likely there were outside issues.

    The thing is - nobody at Eidos cares, I doubt they have anyone involved in improtant decisions reading these forums, let alone these types of threads. You might as well email them directly and complain - either that or take it up with a commercial agency and bring charges of false advertising or fraud against eidos for selling a game they knew to be faulty.
    After all, would you buy a washing machine, only to have it work 20% of the time, if at all, and to spill water all over the floor - with the promise that the manufacturer would send a mechanic round "in the next 4 months" ?
    So why put up with that crap when it comes to video games - they are a product and they're making someone at Eidos a hell of a lot of money.

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    Originally Posted by Kent-45
    Please dear sweet baby jesus say we're getting some new Fragile Alliance maps....

    I can dream can't I?
    You will soon see that dream come true

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    Zacker... I think I love you.... and I'm saying that in the straightest way possible.

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    i hope the patch also solves the crash in the bank (when you go back to lynch) not that many people seem to be having this problem. but there are some nonetheless. (always exact same circumstances, crash is always in the same spot, otherwise game runs fine)

    i hope they don't overlook it.

    still looking for a savegame (at least to level 4) made without windows live stuff on pc, so i can keep playing from level 4. i'd really like to continue playing


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    All due respect zacker but here is a reference to you saying this in December last year.

    Any chance of being a little more definitive? or are we just to keep listening to the same old waffle?

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    Originally Posted by Jaydam
    All due respect zacker but here is a reference to you saying this in December last year.

    Any chance of being a little more definitive? or are we just to keep listening to the same old waffle?
    my point exactly..

    still no apology i see either. is it really that hard? not great PR when community relations cant even simply apologise.

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    an apology wont get the game fixed...

    Apologies are fruitless without doing something about the problem.

    just get the game fixed please!!

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    Just be patient guys. Whining and hurling insults at the developers is not going to speed the the process along. Yeah, I know a lot of people out there (myself included) have been frustrated with certain aspects of this game, but it's counterproductive to * about not having any patches... it's essentially the equivalent of being in the backseat of the car and asking "Are we there yet" every 5 minutes.

    The patch will be released when the patch is released. Everyone just needs to calm down.

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