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    As all the fans of the original dx, i appreciate the music of the game but i think we can say that after 8 years it is not very original or "overwelhming".

    So my question is : what kind of music do you want for the next one?

    P.S: what do you think about a 80's music style?

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    Personally, I loved Deus Ex's music. It was close to my favorite part of the game. I felt it really contributed to the cyberpunk atmosphere.


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    Loved it and still loving it. And after 8 years still overwhelming

    Which leads us to the answer of the question 'which music in DX3':
    More of the same
    Same style and much diversity and variety depending on the setting. Perfectly executed in DX1. When talking 'bout DX1, the music is the 1st or 2nd aspect I'm highlighting.

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    Definately go for the first game's style of music.

    IW had one of the worst game soundtracks I've ever heard. It was just way too quiet, had ZERO ambience, it didn't make you feel anything, and was in general just completely boring. Basically just a few drum beats here and there, and some other noises.

    It would be *really* cool if they re-mixed some of the original music from DX to put in at pivotal moments in the game!

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    I loved the music in both DX1 & DX2.

    DX1 I loved the Hong Kong music.
    DX2 I loved the Mosque music.

    The theme songs also rocked!