Thread: Dues ex GOTY (redant) problems on vista

Dues ex GOTY (redant) problems on vista

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    Unhappy Dues ex GOTY (redant) problems on vista

    When i try to install deus ex the installer freezes at 99% - i have tryed a few things these include: clicking cancel when it freezes and extracting the systemfiles aplpication thing the installer freezes on - this happens regardless of where i try to install it from (cd or hd).

    after this when i try and run the game an error always appears asking me to insert the cd - even when i use a nocd i have tryed compatability mode and everything!

    Is there anyway to fix this because i really, really want to play the game with HDTP!

    oh, and btw my computer is the latest top spec 20" intel imac runing windows vista home premium - Please help me!

    Edit: I can not uninstall so i manualy deleted files but windows will not let me delete the systemfiles file thing.

    Edit: Trying on XP - but does anyone know a vista solution?

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    Yo, I had the same problem.

    First, open the DeusEx.ini file on your Vista Computer in C:\DeusEx\System.

    Go to line:


    For some reason Vista automatically sets CdPath to 'Z:'. You need to set it to whatever drive letter your CDROM is. Mine is 'D:'.

    Also, open Default.ini in C:\DeusEx\System.

    Go to line:


    Change the CdPath here also.

    If this doesn't work, then you need to do the following:

    You need to successfully install a fully functional copy of DX on a different computer, most likely an XP one. Back-up the entire DeusEx Directory from your C: Drive onto external media (i.e., external HDD, CD, or DVD). Then, copy the entire directory onto your Vista Computer's C: Drive. DX will work now, at least this worked for me. You may have to change the CdPath lines, as described above.

    Luckily, I backed-up my entire DeusEx Directory from my old XP computer, on which DX worked fine. I recommend that you all do this when you get DX to work properly.

    PEACE Alwayz |/