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    While the Eidos marketing departments were sat around talking to Pivotal Games regarding the proposed zero sales forecast for Conflict: DO, who's great idea was it to release a demo? Seriously?! Did Eidos really think people would play the (freaking awful) demo and think..."You know what? I'm not going to buy Lost Odyssey, or Devil May Cry 4, or Turok, or The Club...etc, I'm going to spend (waste) my money on Conflict instead...yeah, that's what I'll do!"

    Hell, if there was even the slightest chance I may have even RENTED Conflict let alone buy the damn thing, that's been blown out of the window after being able to play, quite possibly, the worst game of 2008.

    So my question for the few gamers out there who may have been interested in this game...'did you like the demo enough to actually go out and buy the game? Or were your suspicions justified in judging this game as a huge mess? (And I don't just mean the awful visuals)

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    dude have some constructive criticism LOL

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    The demo was far better than many FPS demos on Marketplace.

    Shame there's only 2 characters instead of 4 (please make the next game a 4 person team again) but co-op campaign system link games for Xbox 360 are rare so I'll definitely buy this.

    It's a lot of fun, just wish it was like the old format of limited/rationed supplies and 4 people in your team. The option, in 2 player co-op, for each player to control another team member was excellent and shouldn't have been taken away as it added more tactical options and a great deal more depth to the game.