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Legend of Mana

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    If someone already played this game, tell me. I´m a big fan!

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    Me! But that should be obvious

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    Originally Posted by Robert Peeler
    Me! But that should be obvious
    WOW, you´re the admin, nice! So, do you have this game?

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    I thought Legend of Mana was a great game, even up against titles like Secret of Mana and Secret of Evermore for me. Loved the music and art style.

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    I've lost a lot of my soul to Legend of Mana. My friend and I would stay up all hours of the night competing against each others character in the arena and when one of us would start to lose a lot, we'd start another New Game+... I can remember the day I beat the Mana Goddess on the hardest difficulty. I don't recommend going for it...

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    I play this game with a friend and I always have fun!

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    Even if this game is old, for me is one of the most creative stories I´ve seem

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    Hello there!

    Me and some friends was talking about Legend Of Mana. I am a big fan of Seiken Densetsu series and i was wondering if it's possible for Square-Enix port that game for Nintendo 3DS. it could be fun. Oh nostalgic times.

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    I would love a handheld port for this game. So much fun!