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Thread: underworld fun and worth playing?

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    underworld fun and worth playing?

    ive played the previous 2 tomb raider games and also prince of persia the two thrones. i couldn't help noticing the repetion. is it worth playing these games?

    ive even played unreal tournament, 2004 and 3. and even though that's repetition, you don't notice it at all when your blasting everyone and having tremendous fun until you get to a menu screen or when the level ends. Then you notice repetition but it doesn't stop you from playing.

    could someone please tell me what the point of this game is if all you do is climb, grapple, puzzle, cutscene, climb, grapple, puzzle, cutscene? Plus i was slightly afraid of playing the previous two games as i was playing on a dark monitor and everything was unnexpected, not scary.

    don't get me wrong, i'll probably play the game but is it worth playing? and why is it worth playing?

    i just don't want sooooo much repetition...i want a variety of plentiful moves...i want it to be a game with you can play twice or gta san andreas (jus wanna get gta4 for pc now)

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    Well, this narrows down to personal taste, but based on what you posted, try and compare.

    This is what you do in Unreal and most other FPS:
    blasting everyone
    This is what you do in Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and most other action adventure games:
    climb, grapple, puzzle, cutscene
    Which one seems to have more variety, despite the repetition? And I don't think any of the TR games were ever meant to be scary. You come to expect the unexpected, yes, but it's not meant to be a horror game or anything along those lines.

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    Hi daaceking.

    To answer your question, will Underworld be worth playing, I believe you already know the answer, and I think we can determine the answer for you from your post.

    I can tell you that I like all the Tomb Raider games in the series, but this, of course, depends on one's preference.

    For example, you find it is tremendous fun blasting everyone in Unreal Tournament. You find it repetitive when you have to climb, grapple, solve a puzzle, etc, in Tomb Raider. When you play several games in any series, you'll likely find some repetition.

    If you didn't care for Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary, I think you'll be disappointed in Tomb Raider Underworld. It is anticipated that Underworld will be the same, only better.

    Edit: Treeble snuck in while I was composing my post, and we have similar content.

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    considering anniversary was the first game i played it DID appear scary. i wasn't familiar with the world of tomb raider so there you go but lets be fair. yes i pointed out 4 things available in prince and tr but i think shooting is actually more fun when guts are splattered everywhere. i understand what you're trying to say but tomb raider and prince of persia just doen't cut it.

    yeh prince has got a million sword techniques that i enjoyed for like the first half hour. and tr has 'shooting' but unreal has 'blasting' there's a difference here.

    unreal captures you into the unreal world. tomb raider and prince just...walking...or jogging...

    i did like the previous two but only once i finished it it got boring...or an unsolvable puzzle. what i want is lasting appeal...unreal non-stop blasting... gta...non-stop whatever you do.

    i look forward to cutscences but i'm an extreme player that finishes games quick

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    It seems to me then that Tomb Raider isn't really your thing. Puzzle solving and climbing and jumping through the landscapes is pretty much what Tomb Raider is in a nutshell. Some people say that TR Legend had too much shooting in it (and I agree).

    If blasting everything that moves into smithereens is more your style for gaming, then I don't think you'll like TR Underworld much. From what we've learned of it, it is going to have a whole lot more exploring and puzzle solving than TRL and TRA. Like Legend there will be more human enemies, but apparently at a lesser extent.

    It's all about personal choice of course and your preference is a whole different game style to TR. I can tell that TRU won't be for you and that's fine.

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    i will still be playing it anyway, the reason is because there isn't a wide variety of excellent games on pc and the ones that are excellent have extremely powerful requirements that non of my computers can meet such as dual core assassin's creed and supreme commander. so i just hope tomb raider isn't gonna go crazy in graphics and prevent me playing that. by the way, my laptop can BARELY run unreal tournament 3. minimum graphics is radeon 9600 and my graphics card is radeon 9700 mobility so as you can tell it's a close call!!!

    is the player going to be hand walked throughout the game like in legend? or is there exploring to do?

    i loved the amount of cutscenes in legend

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