Thread: -=)CSF(=- beats -=KS=-

-=)CSF(=- beats -=KS=-

  1. -=)CSF(=- beats -=KS=-

    in a good war whit some issues at start (not enough KS guys on)

    in map coral sea we beat KS


    not enough time for the 2nd map

    thx to all CSF member to be here and fight for our clan
    ,also thx to ARROW that he fill up the KS team and at last THX to KS team for a good and fair war!
    also i hope all questions about "CSF are noobs" are solved now!!
    for war i had 10 people in ts to fight!

    result screens later, they re lost in my xfire folders

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    Eh, I lost to fellow aces. I can't complain. =P It's losing due to idiot manoeuvres that I start complaining. >.> (wasn't referring at all to last match, rather, to some n00bs on multiplayer)

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    Hello, i just want to said think you for the KS menbers who didn't come at this match.
    We start this match 45mn late, and for beginning the second battle, we shall have to wait 2 hours.
    You know, we have family, job and sorts off things like that and my opinion
    is if you said something, you have to do this in time.
    Nemesis was very sad yesterday, i can understand, i play a lot
    with him, he is a cool guy and like i said to him, Don't worry nemesis, it's done for this one, i hope you team will be more respectfully next one match.
    So i hope we did this clan match again, it's really funny.

  4. thx for taking screens to Haruna

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    that looked as the match was realy thrilling

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    Damn @ Second pic @__@

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    Is the fact they made a post about beating your clan not reek a little bit of...............Elitism?

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    Maybe, but consider this:

    If I had a clan and I beat CSF, I would be doing the same thing.

    So it's all in good sport, really.

    I hope.

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    Originally Posted by YUKIMURA300
    Is the fact they made a post about beating your clan not reek a little bit of...............Elitism?
    NO because the intention of KS (at least from what I understand) was to beat us then post it in the forums. besides that we've always posted the results of clan wars in the forums.

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    Does it really matter at this point? >.>

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    Not really. I'll make sure to post the results when I get my 360 fixed and beat them anyway.

    Nice scores BTW

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    Our team isn't set up yet. We haven't all got together to discouss strat. or anything yet. If we fought now, your team would be far better corrinated(forgot how to spell).

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    Coordinated. You'd fare better anyway. I haven't played in 2 weeks.

    Still I would channel the BURNING SPIRIT of my favourite wrestler:

    Oh yeaaaaaahhhhhh..........

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    lol did I play.

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    Well I wasn't there ^_^ so there no leader led them to the victory lol, but KS is not invite the only good one , but most of them are good so we going to match every sunday ? im GTM - 8 so what time going to match

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    To all -=KS=- members : the next time i don’t wont to be sad again! So plan your jobs early and do nοt be late...or I will leave the clan!
           _____------           __      ----_
    ___----             ___------              \
       ----________      ---- -=KS=-Nemesis{GR} \
                   -----__    |             _____)
                        __-                /     \
            _______-----    ___--          \    /)\
      ------_______      ---____            \__/  /
                   -----__    \ --    _          /\
                          --__--__     \_____/   \_/\
                                  ----|   /          |
                                      |  |___________|
                                      |  | ((_(_)| )_)
                                      |  \_((_(_)|/(_)
                                      \             (

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    Shame there's not alot of clan vs clan action on the 360

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    yeah sadly enough it is
    if somebody wants to challenge know where to find us

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    You are never on BSM Crazy!