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    Post Underground game...

    How much does this game cost?? Please tell me my platform is Xbox 360.

    I'm planning on buying it!
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    Underworld has not been released yet, but I'd expect it to be available for the same price as any other game release. I think Xbox 360 games usually cost $49,00?

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    Lightbulb Ohh it's underworld~My bad!

    Well usually the prices range from 30.00$ to like, 70.00$??? Anyways maybe I should of asked first: When does the new Underworld game comes out for sale?????????????

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    There is no release date so far I know..
    but it will be available in the end of 2008
    somewhere in the holiday season (november, december..)

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    it's been announced for december 08. that's still to long to wait though!!

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