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    Ok how many of you out there cheated in DX and DX2? There has only been a few games I have not cheated on. I would have to say DX was one of them games I did and it really didnt matter because it had a really good story line. DX was really the fist FPS that I enjoyed very much. I would have to say that the plot was very deep and very detailed. DX 2 I just got done playing it and yes I cheated on that one to. I have to say that I never realized how hard the Knights Templares super soldier was. I empty about 5 clips for the pistol and the dam knight was still kicking. Ever notice how at the beginning of DX2 you couldnt find a multi tool to save you life but towards the end you could just find them everywhere.

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    I cheat in some games when I want to mess around or try and mod the game.
    I didn't know how to cheat in the DX games so I did them normally.
    I had a really bad habit in DX2 of exploring everything to the point where I had used up every multi tool just to get to places I had already been to using other means.
    "Ohhh, what's this computer do?" (uses multi tool)
    "hmmm, it opened a door. Oh there's a vent in this room!" (uses multi tool)
    "Crap, it's the same room I got the keycode for earlier."

    I was too lazy to reload my game.

    I did cheat in looking up the flag and toilet flush ending in DX2.

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    I have cheated so many times in DX... But only to find out what's the best thing to do in the no-item run or because I wanted to mess around.

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    Deus Ex probably has the best cheats out of any game I've ever played. In what other game can you summon a friendly, loyal, invincible fire-breathing greasel which will follow you around and kill your enemies, whilst playing in the Matrix mode?

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    Only game I've ever cheated at to get through was Doom 3. I just couldn't get through hell without cheating.

    That being said, I've probably used cheats in every game I've played after I beat it many times. But just for the purpose of exploring the maps, getting a better look at level design and so on.

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    I remember cheats in Dx 1, but not in IW.

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    Haha "Set deusex.jcdentonmale bcheatsenabled true" .......I shure cheated in DX1 BUT(!) AFTER I finished the game for let's say, ten/twelve times.

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    I used the cheat codes after I finished the game twice, for two reasons: I wanted to see if there were any other locations or events I'd missed, and I wanted to see how the whole level design was put together...So I pretty much only used "fly" and "ghost" modes, not any "god" or "unlimited ammo" settings...

    I found out about the NSF rescue mission and the Smuggler's Den using this method...and five years after the game came out I came across an argument I never experienced before...Deus Ex is the gift that keeps on giving...

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    Originally Posted by O.m.a.r
    I remember cheats in Dx 1, but not in IW.
    There was only a file edit cheat to give you god mode and ammo when I looked it up it said to edit the user.ini but all I had was a default.ini with the settings it mentioned to change

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    So what type of cheats do you want with DX3
    I say God mode Fly and ghost are a must

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    I never could get Matix Mode to work. I didn't cheat in my regular runthroughs, but spawning a ton of NSF with ARs all around the Statue and engaging in a long distance fight was fun. Oddly, they had a hard time shooting back it me, but it made up for it when they managed to get into the building. Eventualy I put unlimited ammo on.

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    I find that cheats usually ruin a game for me. I'd rather play the game the way it was intended - it just seems more fun that way. Although I've always wanted to try the Matrix mode in DX1, just never could get it to work.

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    I only cheated after I'd beaten it. It was fun to run around the early levels with full stats and waste those puny NSF minions with the Dragon's Tooth.

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    I only cheated after finishing DX1 once. 'legend', matrix mode and spawnmass really did the trick. Also, the usual unreal engine cheats were good (god-mode, ghost('you feel ethereal')-fly-walk, allammo and so on)

    I remember having SUCH A HARD TIME cheating on DX:IW, with cheat menus that needed the mouse and obstructed the HUD... Ever heard of the console, Warren?

    I REALLY hope cheating will be easy and will include funny and sarcastic quotes this time around. It really gives another dimension to the game and adds replayability to the game.

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    I usually cheat when I finished a game or for things like infinite lockpicks (any game) because I cant be assed to look for em. But in DX1 was the first time I actually cheated because I couldnt go on sometimes O_O
    In DX2 I didtn have to cheat... to easy -_-

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    I used the files codes to put DX1 in Third Person, but i was just looking for a new perspective... this is cheating?

    By the way... the game sucked that way...

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    Only time that I have ever used cheats was to test textures when working on HDTP and NV.

    Anyone who used cheats to play the game sucks hardcore and should go play a generic FPS or something as Deus Ex is NOT a FPS, this is by far the only way anyone could not understand how to play DX1, because the game rewards Stealth over just running around fraging everything. Most likely you all that cheated used the DT up front trick. I can do that without cheats, its hell easy.

    The game is funner without the cheats enabled.

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    Originally Posted by mr_cyberpunk
    Anyone who used cheats to play the game sucks hardcore and should go play a generic FPS
    I dont see your point if a person want to cheat it does not make them suck. Some people cheat so they can move on and to further on the story plot.

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    Originally Posted by Draco1979
    I dont see your point if a person want to cheat it does not make them suck. Some people cheat so they can move on and to further on the story plot.
    Exactly. I think cheating or not cheating doesn't mean you suck or not.
    I don't cheat in games by a personal choice, because I just simply lvoe the challenge but I have known a LOT of people who cheated in DX just to advance in the storyline and find out what happens next.
    Some games just tempt you like that.

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    I use cheats in everey game I play... just to push the limits, like mass-summoning stuff and let it explode

    I usually do this on the second run through a game... or in the first run, if the game is boring.

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    I've used the cheats to do some funny stuff, but this...?

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    Lmao very nice

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    Have never been cheating. I enjoy every hard point of a game, doing it in all different ways and until i have fixed it ones. I memorize the thing i have done to fix a hard point in game and maybe even use the stuff later on in game.

    Cheats is not my way to do it.

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    Wow it has been months sense i came here and one of my post is on the front page .......... score 1 for me

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