Hi all, im new here and hope can help those who are being owned by this game, just like me 2 hours ago

First of all, after installing the game 5 days ago, the game had the same problems i have readed in this forum.

First, crashes just when starting it and could only be able to shut it down by pressing Esc (yep, Esc ¬¬).

I solved it changing the sound hardware aceleration (Control Panel - Audio devices - Audio dispositives - Performance) and setting it to second level.

It was very fun when i saw the game running but... it started to crash after 4-5 minutes, so i installed the LiveRedistributable update which is mentioned here:


Also, in audio options in game i changed the Sound Render to Openal - Generic Sofware (im scared if i change it again and doesnt work xD)

That what´s i did and it works fine in a dual core 6300 @1.86 with 2gb ram and a radeon X1600 under XP SP2.

Hope works 4 u too and thx USA Marshal for ur fix