other than the fact that NO ONE plays online.

i managed to find 3 other people that were actually willing to try and play the game online.

ive been trying to play the multiplayer game and it seems to crash about 98% of the time?

we TRIED to play around 50 sessions of only 3 rounds and we were only about to complete 2 of them.

i spent $50CAN on this game and would like to actually play the muliplayer of the game, since i was finally able to complete the single player of the game after mulitple crashes and game restarts due to my save spot mysteriously disappearing as if i had never played the game?

the save spot somehow disappearing has now happened to me and 2 of my friends.

is this problem ever going to get a patch that will fix this major problem or are the people that baught the game going to start recieving a rebate check for the game?