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Thread: Screenshot competition XVI- voting

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    Thumbs Up Screenshot competition XVI- voting

    Time for voting boys and girls!

    Give 3 points for your favourite entry, 2 for your second and 1 for your third.

    Everybody can vote and voting will end on wednesday 16/01.

    Entries can be viewed here:
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    Humbug - 'Don't just stand there, get me out of here!' - 3 points

    Rai004 - 'Lara: I am not a bowling ball!' - 2 points

    Tomb-Dude-92 - Rutland and Lara have moves - 1 point

    Good round guys

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    Santos - 3 points
    Humbub - 2 points (veeery funny comment )
    Spong - 1 point

    nice job done, all of you!

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    3. points: humbug
    2.: Spong
    1: Audrey_Santos

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    Here are my votes

    3 points Spong

    2 points Rai

    1 point Tomb-Dude-92
    Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken- Tyler Durden

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    3 - humbug
    2 - Audrey Santos
    1 - Rai004
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    Smile My votes

    Spong - 3 points: This screen is amazing, such a close shave with Lara being so close to the fire. And it's good to have a picture of the classics for once.

    humbug - 2 points: That must have been incredibly frustrating to get. Unless you got it by accident.

    Audrey Santos - 1 point: Very nice effort.

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    3 points - Humbug - for an accident shot, that is just classic!
    2 points - Tomb-Dude - Great first shot, but Lara is missing her feet!
    1 points - Spong, I'm impressed that Lara isn't toast with all that fire, plus you chose an earlier game.

    Well done everyone!

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    Ok guys here are the results:

    1st Humug~ 16 points
    2nd Spong~ 10 points
    3rd Audrey Santos~7 points
    4th Rai~5 points
    5th Tomb_Dude~4 points

    Well done to all those who entered! I will set a new round ASAP.
    Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken- Tyler Durden

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    Congrats humbug , and to all other entrants. See you all maybe in the next round

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    Yay for Spong! Sorry I would have voted for you if I'd known. I remember that big beast at the end of TR1. Oh the days....

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