Thread: [BUG] Showstopper bug?!? Plane invincible!

[BUG] Showstopper bug?!? Plane invincible!

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    [BUG] Showstopper bug?!? Plane invincible!


    there seem to be quite some people (reading other (german) forums) that came across invincible airplance engines.

    Im talking about the map where you need to shoot the engines of the plane to hinder it from taking off.

    Here is how it did not work for me:

    I played through the game a low difficulty. Was pretty easy.

    I killed the left engine first, then I switched to the right engine. No problems at all, plane died, I saved the daughter, went to the chopper and sacrificed the idiots that followed me in the first place :P

    Then I was eager to see the other ending to, so I immediatelly re-started the last chapter again (after seeing the credits), drove through the jungle, killed em all etc. but when I get to the plane, the left engine (seen from behind) is invincible!

    I even shot the engine before I got told to, making one engine burn beforehand, so I basically had all the runway for just one (the left) engine.
    I even restarted the chapter, no success.

    I will now try to restart the game and do the chapter again.

    Guys, please fix this sheeeet....

    Thank you

    PS: Give us LAN CO OP, pretty plz?

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    Are you on PC, XBox360 or PS3 ?

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    I am running the PC version of the game.