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  • PS3

    46 26.29%
  • PC

    72 41.14%
  • Xbox 360

    31 17.71%
  • two or more platforms

    26 14.86%
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Thread: What platform will you play TRU on?

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    What platform will you play TRU on?

    I will be playing it on PS3.

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    I will be playing on PC, I've just got a new on so hopefully it will be able to run TRU!
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    PC is my only option as I don't have any of those new-fangled consoles.

    I just hope my pc specs are good enough.

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    PC, never owned a console and will never be interested in owning one.
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    I have only PC, but I'll sometimes visit my friend to have some fun with PS3...

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    I'll play on my PS3 console of course.
    I don't know if I'll pick up the PC version too.
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    i voted for PC. know, i visit computer malls online trying to figure out what is my next computer components is.

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    Or 360. *thinks* Probably PS3.

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    PC... dont have other two

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    Chances are, when I first play the next Tomb Raider, it'll be on PC.
    I'm more of a console man when it comes to games, PC's are too much hassle to play on, but there's no way in hell I'm going to buy a PS3 or Xbox 360. At least, not for a good two or three years yet.

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    PC. My current one won't handle it but I'd rather buy a new PC than a new console

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spong View Post
    ...there's no way in hell I'm going to buy a PS3 or Xbox 360. At least, not for a good two or three years yet.

    Exactly how i feel
    The price of them but the PS3 has come down in price.

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    If past experience is anything to go by, quite possibly the XBOX 720 or the Wii ^ 3.

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    Definitely the PC. I don't have a console (other than the original Xbox), and besides, I kind of like the mouse/keyboard control scheme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomb-Dude-92
    Exactly how i feel
    The price of them but the PS3 has come down in price.
    Last time I looked, it wasn't £100. One penny over that and Sony can keep whistling for my money. The UK PS3 is a shambling mockery.

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    It the uk... we are poor lol we need other people money!!!

    lol... Defferently and i like hte way the wii has gone up from £170 to about £220 or something like that and you can't even find one. My mum went to a shop and it went ask at counter for assistance so she asked "when are you next getting wii's in?" and they replied "Oh.. Dont know?"

    But UK aint that good with pricing things...

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    I wish I could play it on the PS3 but I'm only able to play on the PC. I hope that the graphics can be really good and the game not run slow!

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    Just got a 360 for christmas, so I am going to take advantage of that.

    Plus, I tried running Tomb Raider Legend on my laptop and it looked good but it froze way too much.
    AND, computers (for me) are more for First Person Shooters, and consoles for the rest?

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    I put two or more because I don't own a ps3 but my cousin does. So, I figured I'd buy the PC one for at home, and the PS3 for when I eventually get a PS3 and so I can play at his house. Obviously I'll buy the PC one first and eventually get the PS3 or just rent it!
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    PC and/or 360. 360 for graphics, PC for mods.

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    I'll play it on PS3, I think I will be able to buy it before TRU release.

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    I will play on pc and ps3.

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    I voted none, because I want to play it on the Wii. and right now I'm still sure it will come to the Wii advantely

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    PlayStation 3, of course...duh

    I just bought my system last night 'cuz I received an offer I couldn't refuse (20% off ). 60 GB unit along with Assassin's Creed and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Getting Uncharted next month.

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    PC and nothing else!

    There's no fun without the Pc. You can mod the living ** out of it
    and you can get savegames....
    You can record cool music videos....

    There's nothing better......


    Ok, XBOX 360 aside for amazing graphics and PS3 for basically nothing to get out of it.......

    X360 will get old after some time, and then the new one will come otu and chances are there won't be Compatibility support...

    PC?! Never such can even play TR1 on WinVista [I think]
    But X360 maybe like TR:Legend from XBOX1, but PS3 you can play PS1 games but not PS2. very clever.....
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