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Thread: Team chat showing on opposing team

Team chat showing on opposing team

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    Yeah, the team chat is visible to everybody again.

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    Let's talk cheating / cheat-prevention

    Yep, it's still a problem sadly. Before my thread got merged with this one, I thought it would be some type of cheat or the like. Kinda silly.
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    First: The teamchat being visible to the other team is a bug. It happens to all players at some time.

    The guy and his friend with the other number name are nowhere near good or haxxoring. Their name is a joke/pun

    On a more serious note:
    VAC is active.
    The FairFight (serverside anticheat) is currently in learning mode and will be activated a bit later.

    Oh and, naming and shaming is not allowed at the forum here.
    Remove the Lobbies! Move the banners to the death screens!
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    It was probably just a bug. Sometimes it is possible to see the enemies team chat.
    I got 250+ hours of gametime of Nosgoth and I came across a cheater only once yet. (Speed and Attackspeed hack)
    After the first round that player left the game. Maybe he got automatically banned ?!

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    -Here goes nothing-
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    Team chat is visible for both teams, it´s a bug since last update.

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    Exclamation Team Chat don't work

    I did a report (bug report) with this issue but didn't fixed yet, I post it here if can be solved.
    The team chat don't work, like the title says. I got some screenshots showing them, being human can read vampire's team chat and vice-versa. Look: in this screenshot i'm human and the vampire team says go together in their team chat but i can read it.

    In this, i'm vampire and can read human's chat.

    I hope can be solved this bug.

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    I'm also getting this issue. I could read the other team's chat.

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    I've encountered this a couple of times for sure (i play since open beta)

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