Thread: SEVERE framerate issues (unrelated to key/mouse)

SEVERE framerate issues (unrelated to key/mouse)

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    SEVERE framerate issues (unrelated to key/mouse)

    I've seen this bug mentioned in a couple places, but I've come across no solution. I am unable to play this game due to serious performance issues. Essentially, when one faces certain areas, the framerate drops below 10 fps. You either get 60 fps or sub-10.

    This occurs regardless of resolution and graphical settings. The lowest possible settings run exactly the same as the highest. I believe it is related to the dual core CPU I'm using. While I'm using a Core2Duo, I did try the AMD optimizer and found that it blue screened my machine at startup and had to ditch it.

    I'm using an Intel E6750, 8800GT, 4gb ram, and Vista X64. No other games have presented problems, so I'm confident that my system is in perfect working order. The problem lies with this game in particular. No doubt it is a bug that needs patching, but I'm hoping someone has some solution in the meantime.

    Regarding the AMD software, the current version refuses to install and gives a 1721 error message. If I "run as admin (which I already should be)", it will install...but not run. I used a slightly older version of the software which DID install, but that resulted in a blue screen. Perhaps I cannot use it, but I've read otherwise and believe this might fix this issue.

    The perfect place to reproduce this bug occurs right at the beginning of the game. If you point the camera towards the cops firing at you, the framerate drops into the basement. You need not face something "demanding" either, as there are points where simply looking at a wall will result in the same thing. It's very specific in where it drops, however, but it will drop at each point all the time and this occurs very very frequently.

    Without a solution, I can't play the game. Any ideas?

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    Well so far everyone with this issue like myself, have the following;
    Core2duo, 8800 and windows vista.

    There is no fix at the moment, and might never be one

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    Well, hopefully with the holidays over they'll be able to work out something.

    This really is a serious issue, however. If no patch is released, I will never be able to actually play the game as it simply isn't any fun with the current problems. I would have simply played a console version, but based on the demos, I found the aiming to be AWFUL with the analog sticks (not a fault of the consoles mind you, simply bad tuning - they should have taken a look at Uncharted for how to do console style aiming/shooting).

    The game feels great with a mouse, though, but it's simply unplayable.

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    Im having the same issue, but with the demo

    Core 2 Duo E6400 @ 2.56ghz
    2 Radeon 1950pros in crossfire mode
    3 gb ddr2 667

    at first i was only getting 1 fps, then i figured i would disable crossfire, that fixed my low FPS, but as i started to play i would get a sudden drop in fps every second. so if you graphed it out it would look like this:
     __  __  __  __ 
    /   \/    \/    \/    \
    Seriouslty this game don't compare graphically or processing wise to UT3, Crysis, or HL2

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    I've made it a good way through the game putting up with occasional framerate drops, choppiness, stuttering, or whatever you want to call it. Now I'm at Ch. 14 P1 "I Told You, Didn't I?" I can snipe the guard wandering around, but as soon as I move forward along the right side of the ravine to get the guards at the campfire into view, it gets so choppy I can barely move. Thus far in the game it has not been anywhere near this bad. I've turned all the video settings to the lowest possible or off, and resolution at 800x600, but it doesn't help. I can play Bioshock and Crysis with no issues at all.

    OS: Windows XP SP2 w/ all available hotfixes
    Processor: Intel P4 2.8 GHz Northwood Hyper-Threading
    Motherboard: Intel Rock Lake D865PERL
    RAM: 4x 512 MB PC3200 DDR in Dual-Channel Mode
    Video Card: BFG GeForce 6600 GT OC 128 MB AGP 8x (ForceWare 169.21)
    Sound Card: Creative SB Audigy Platinum eX (YouP-PAX AX v3.63.03d Drivers)
    Hard Drive: WDC 160 GB SATA 8 MB Buffer (3 partitions, game installed on first, 64 MB pagefile)
    Hard Drive: WDC 250 GB ATA-100 8 MB Buffer (1 partition, 4 GB pagefile)
    Hard Drive: ST 60 GB IDE ATA-100 2 MB Buffer (1 Windows partition, 1 Linux partition, no pagefile)
    Keyboard: Logitech Elite Keyboard (USB on PS/2 with adapter)
    Mouse: Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 (USB)
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