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Thread: New TR game?

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    New TR game?

    I've been away since the release of Anniversary, has there been any hints of a new TR game yet?
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    Ummmm. yup! TR:Underworld!!! Check out the thread there's been images and interviews and previews form play maazine! you missed a lot!
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    Yep, you did miss a lot. Where have you been?

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    Lol Athe, I'm on the same boat you are on :$. I just came back to browse these forums last week and bam! News already about the new game .

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    Um, haven't you looked at the rest of the forums? Everyone is talking about it!

    Welcome back though, Atheist.

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    ATHEIST!!! AINT SEEN U/ SPOKE 2 U IN LIKE AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Howz u doing?

    And well TR:underworld has been going on around this forum for about 2-3weeks now i think... (brain nt in compleate function)

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    Welcome back atheist
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    Lol, thanks guys.

    I'll have a look round then.
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    So Athiest, look around yet, what ya think. I think it looks amazing!
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