Thread: PS3 Multiplayer problems

PS3 Multiplayer problems

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    PS3 Multiplayer problems

    Well I’ve been trying to join the multiplayer functions several times now, without any luck.. Either they say it’s full and just send me back to the Start menu (that’s even though it’s says 1/6) or I failed to join the lobby..
    And get this message:
    -Failed to join game sessions.
    -You will now be directed to the main menu.

    The only way I can see games and join them, is by using Custom match, but when I join I get All players Left right after the game is suppose to start..
    Am I the only one with this problem? And how do I fix it?

    Thanks in advance


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    Is it posible to get a answer ?

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    i bought the game the first day it come out and have never been able to play online coz i constanly get the same message.and i am pissed offf bcoz this is the site where we are meant to get help but no 1 replies with a solution

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    yep.. its pretty nice, and a good waste of money

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    yeah the online service is such bull***** man! me and my mate have been trying all the time to play some online but guess what happens!? all players have left blah blah blah * this rip off game

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    yea, same message i get when i finaly find a game..
    Maby a admin should give us a answer since i'm clearly not the only one with the same problem..

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    We are currently working on a patch that will fix the problems you guys are

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    sounds good.. do you know when it will be ready ?

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    Struggling Connectivity

    I'm not sure if i'm having the same issue, but i can't even connect to hosts of lobbies half the time. When i do connect it either doesn't last long or i'm disconnected at the waiting for players page. I can't even look at the leader boards without an error 8002a412 or something like that popping up. Anyone having these problems or know how to fix it?

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    Originally Posted by Hugobart
    We are currently working on a patch that will fix the problems you guys are

    When will it be ready?

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    Originally Posted by CBcinema
    When will it be ready?

    I don't know yet, but i can ensure you that we are working hard in order to get it out ASAP.

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    please could you give us an answer because its annoying that multiplayer dont work so could you give us a date or sumthing like that please.

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    yeah, can i at least get a recommendation of some sort on how i may be able to get in at least one game? I mean it's been out since November and i haven't played an online game since i've owned it.

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    Yeah is there anyway somebody could at least say if you're expecting to have a patch of some sort made in the near future? If i'm not mistaken the game's been out since around November and now March is almost up and i haven't even seen any of the multiplayer beyond "closing..." "you will now be directed to the main menu" "error" "waiting for players" "lost connection to host"

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    Cool MIne

    Mine i can get in rooms!!! But nobody online half the time!!!

    when you do get a rm someone starts to shoot you!!

    cant even have a descent game online!!!!

    So i think they should have a kick button with some rules as to how many times someone kicks someone!!!

    Also get a lot of guys playing 2 characters!!!

    I suggest when you guys can get online that you add each other to friends list!!

    Did Eidos beta test the game for Multi-online???

    Plus some parts just jump into a different area with out any video scene how you got there!!

    Sounds are very good and kind of scary when you die and get little kids laughing in the background lol..

    Plus they are psycho for sure lol..

    Eidos i love your games but, if you need AQ tetser let me know!!!!

    I always play Multi player games with the boys, and single player games when they are working..