Thread: Music track doesn't play...

Music track doesn't play...

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    Music track doesn't play...

    When i am back to New York to meet Stanton Dowd, the track of the street doesn't play, but the music inside the hotel, clinic, smuggler, the tavern, all play well except this track.

    I've copied it from the CD and pasted it, but nothing happened, but it plays well on winamp and unreal editor.

    I can copy the log file for you if you want.

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    Why is this even a problem for you? Besides, it sounds like a problem with the game, not with your rig.

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    Lol? I don't like having a problem with the game

    And i want to listen to the music: this is my best track Also when the music changes to action part, i know someone is searching for me

    I know it's from the game! That's why i suggested the log file! I don't get you, you mean you want people not to help me through this lol?

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    The reason I'm being the way I am is because I'm pretty sure what it's doing is intentional. I've never had the music play for me on the streets in that point in the game. Edit some files or get over it.

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    No it's an error in the game of course

    I played the first version of Deus Ex, but i lost it, and got the game of the year edition! And there is a track called: NYCstreets2_Music.umx It should play! It played in the old version!

    But since you say it doesn't play in the game of the year edition, then the problem is a bit more complicated than i thought!

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    I'm not surprised that something simple was overlooked when they made the GOTY edition.

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    Really? Why? Just curious..!?

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    Well, GOTY editions are generally just minor upgrades, and bug fixes, and even optimization of the code. It's pretty easy to mess up something simple when you're doing all that.

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    Bump because I also have the GOTY version and have never heard this music except in the soundtrack. Does anyone know of a fix? Is it possible to mod the level files so that the music plays properly?

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    I've got the same problem with my GOTY version too. Amazingly the missing music wasn't even something I noticed until I went through the music files recently to burn them to CD.

    I don't think it's a huge deal - for me the silence kind of emphasises how Dowd's trying to keep his meeting with you all "low key" and such. Still, if anybody did know how to restore the tune in the level I'd appreciate hearing it as well.
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