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Thread: TR8 *Please come out soon*

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    Smile TR8 *Please come out soon*

    Please I beg of you Tomb Raider 8. Please come out soon. I know your Underworld right now and no one can play you just yet but please come out and play. I can't wait much longer. How about for Christmas you show up in a package. Now I will still play TRL and TRA but while I am falling off cliffs and swinging around polls, solving puzzles I will be thinking of the day when I can play TR8. This is not fair and you say life is not fair, well I know this already but I need TR8 now. I have never been the patient type. Please come out in Xbox 360 so I can download you pronto. I mean I have the updates ya know I just need the game, because that helps. I seen your graphics online and thought wow TR8 you look great and what a shame I can't play you now. I think I'm going to cry. I will say a Tomb Raider prayer. Dear God please send me TR8 sometime in January 2008.
    I can't wait much longer than that. Thanks for listening. And now I am going to play TRA and get stuck in another tomb.

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    Yeah well, that will be the day.

    I doubt they've even finished the game. And YES I do want it now, but if they release it now, it will be very small. And not perfected.

    But they could release a DEMO, but I doubt they will, demos normally come MAX 1 month b4 the release. And TR games I believe must take a long time to make!

    But hey, wot the hec, just release one!!
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    A trailer is probably the closest thing you'll get right now to the game.

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    What if they continue with the tradition? Legend was released in April - or May, I think - (2006), the next year they'll do the same, with Anniversary in June... Maybe they'll release Underworld on the same months.
    That'll be great!

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    I doubt it will come out until 2008 late summer... We can just hope
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    Arrow Fun spoiler:

    I'm actually not all that excited about this game. :-/

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    Really Phlip? Reasons?

    I can't see TRU coming out any sooner than the summer 08. And I wouldn't want it to, I want it to be the very best CD have to offer.

    I'm nowhere near done with TRA yet -thanks to getting it on the PC just recently - and being stuck in the same places!

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    I cant wait for it to come out but i would like very little bugs, every game has atleast a few bugs in it but they can't don anything about that really...

    And im hoping to get TR:A for PC soon fingers crossed becuase i played it for PS2 but now i want pc so then i have legends and Anniversary for it... andget a little bit more use 2 the control's before TR:U comes out lol...

    But i just can't wait but i don't want it out now, i like hte build up, like more screenshots so then i can save them on to my pc and make collages and use them as my desktop wallpaper
    And videos so then i can download them and watch them and try and think of the buttons they would use to do curtain things... And watch it in great detail so then you can really appreaciate what CD has actually done for us... The old TR fans and the new TR fans.

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    Bah, that means I have to buy a PS3.. I don't have the money yet. D=

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rai004 View Post
    Really Phlip? Reasons?
    Because the other stuff stressing me out is diminishing my excitement.

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