Thread: Not My Wallpaper!!!!!!

Not My Wallpaper!!!!!!

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    Not My Wallpaper!!!!!!

    Hey all just thought id let you all no that the wall paper link, was just a link I found in the other EIDOS forum befor this one. I just thought it was cool, and othe fand would enjoy, but I did, not create it. Someone wanted my permission to use it on a blog thats why im posting this, so plz don't jump down my throat for spamming lol

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    I am the one who asked you. So if the person who did it is still there, can he gives his permission ? I'll be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Not sure

    I honestly don't know who did the wall paper, but I will try finding it again, and let ya know ...cheers.

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    My wallpaper is currently the newly released Duke Nukem Forever screenshot.