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Thread: Wi-fi TRU??

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    Smile Wi-fi TRU??

    Since the early news of the new game 'Tomb Raider Underworld' It is EXTRMELY likely that it will be on PS3. And as some of you might know there is wifi connection. Now do you think there will be a Wifi connection (2+ players) on the New tomb raider? And if there is what do you want to b able to do?

    I want to be able to Fight a other player over Wifi.. And maybe play a level with another person helping.. Thanks. Also go to Tomb_Dudes thread to vote in the poll!
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    Imagine Tomb raider, two play? That would be quite fun actually, split screen player 1 as Lara or and player two as a different character. And if you played to play the storyline was the same but different cut scenes which fitted in player 2...
    Probaly would work well... Use both player to solve puzzels and defeat badies...
    Its a possabilty that they should do that one day and see how it ends out?

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    I think that it would be quite fun. Maybe there could be certain artifacts or something that the two different players could try to get. In TRU it sounds like you have to be more conscious of what you do to the environment- so then one player could destroy one part of it so the other can't get there.
    Or there could be things that Lara couldn't do on her own and therefore she must do it with the other player.
    They should make this available to the PC. One person can use the keyboard, and another could use the mouse and a little of the keyboard. Or they could get a control thing.

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    I agree.. I think there should be levels that you can ONLY complete with two players... Now that would be cool!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by William Croft View Post
    I agree.. I think there should be levels that you can ONLY complete with two players... Now that would be cool!!
    ya and i would have to go all over the world to find good player to make with me the level so i can go to other level ? huh ? come on dont be silly it can be as a bonus but the game storyline should be only for one player

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    Very true Hamud but what if its just a bonus.. No relevance to the story-line just a bonus for a couple of bonus levels that have absolutly no relevace to the story-line... That would be good
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