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Thread: TRU weapons and gear

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    And should be able to have some demolitions like c4 .
    For example: you have to go from A to B but there is big wall or something like that so you put c4 and blow it.
    And I still think that nightvision is good idea.

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    Nightvision, explosives... right... now the only thing missing is the sniper rifle and a few fellow commandos to ride the tombs

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    Sniper rifle?
    I don't think it's good idea because killing enemies will be much easy.

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    I would like to see...

    Classic Pistols of course!
    A knife of some sort (we could be able to throw it at a victim like in Hitman Blood *Money)
    Drivable cars
    Night vision
    Grappling hook
    Flashlight (that would be funny to see her sneak behind somebody and bash them across the head with the flashlight)
    Rocket Launcher

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    And how about helicopter?

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    Cool Weapons

    I'd like to see Lara still only able to carry her pistols and a larger gun. It would be cool for her to use an M4 assault rifle or an MP5 machine gun. I like the idea of having night vision. If you could only use it on the scope of your gun when in FPS mode it would be okay. Some C4 would be cool too, but I agree with not making the game to military like.

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