Thread: Concerned Friends of Paul Foley

Concerned Friends of Paul Foley

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    Concerned Friends of Paul Foley

    Decorated war hero. Loving son. Missing for 1126 days.

    Concerned Friends of Paul Foley are desperately trying to raise awareness of Paul’s disappearance.

    We would like to thank Pivotal Games for kindly giving us a page on their website with which to highlight our cause:

    We know that Paul has touched the lives of many people. Please use this thread to leave your messages of support.

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    Foley's back?

    WTF? So Foley's still alive? Does that mean we get to rescue him? It'd be cool if we did - he's the best!

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    As a new member of concerned friends of Paul Foley I dedicate this post to him in loving memory.

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    God Bless You.

    God Bless you for your kind words. They are a source of great comfort to us in these times of darkness.

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    Post Foley four times became a P.O.W. since Conflict Desert Storm 1, 2, and Global Storm.

    I am tired rescuing Foley as a Prisoner of War.

    The first time I rescued Foley was in Conflict Desert Storm 1 when he got caught planting C4 on the bridge which is the first mission of Conflict Desert Storm 1.

    Then, I rescued him again during Conflict Desert Storm 2 during P.O.W. Mission when a stealth bomber drop a bomb on the prison yard and Bradley escaped and saved three of his comrades including Foley.

    After that in Conflict Global Storm Foley got beat up on the First Mission and he was lying on the bed when they accidentally landed in the enemy lines in Columbia.

    Now, Foley is again a P.O.W. and how many times does he need to be a Prisoner of War in all Conflict Episodes?

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    Never leave a man behind

    Haven't you seen Blackhawk Down? The US Army NEVER leaves a man behind! If our troops had the same attitude as you we'd never of won the war in Vietnam. Semper Fi!!

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    British Govt. sends thanks to family of Paul Foley

    <tightbeamextract> TACB 1.234.555 via USAF 234 (some text garbled)... message follows:

    Her Majesty's government wishes to extend its thanks and particular gratitude to the friends and family of Paul Foley, recently detached to HM forces, in this trying time of loss. ..<garbled> ... should not lose hope. (message ends)

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    God Bless You

    God bless you, Sir and God bless the Queen!

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    okay foley our hero forever and always but wtf did he go yeah it showed kaboom on end of payback mission but where really is he we dont know he could be heald hostage but does denied ops really say what happened to him?????

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    Denied ops has nothing to do with the original conflict series and should not even carry the name conflict.
    Instead it should just be called denied flop.
    Come on Eidos we want a proper follow up to global storm with a four man team and the excellent game play we have come to expect from a Conflict game.
    Signatures, waste thread space with childish graphics, go on

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    Eidos we want a proper follow up to global storm

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    Question Frustration

    I was so disappointed with the release of Denied Ops. I waited so long to have a Conflict game released on the current generation of console. I would rather play Desert Storm 1. I hate the feeling like I'm being forced through a mission. I sincerly hope they revise the situation. How can we make our voices heard??!!

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    Exclamation Paul Foley

    So does this mean there will be a new conflict game come out???
    If it does i damn well hope we get to be foley, He's an absolute sniping extrodinare!!! headshot after headshot after headshot.
    They should give him his barrett m82/M107 back to!!!
    I love the light 50.