Thread: Bug with plane engine? (spoiler)

Bug with plane engine? (spoiler)

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    Unhappy Bug with plane engine? (spoiler)

    So, I've played through the game a couple of times, including the mission on the airstrip where you have to shoot out the plane's engines to keep it from taking off. First time I played it, I was on normal difficulty and I blew up the engines no problem. Second time, I replayed the mission over a dozen times and no matter how much I shot the left engine it would not catch fire, hardly even smoke. So, I switched to easy mode and blew it up first try. Now, I'm replaying the game again on normal, and the left engine simply WILL NOT TAKE DAMAGE no matter how much I shoot it.

    I'm going to load it back up and give it another go, but is this some sort of bug? Sometimes the left engine on the plane won't take damage at all? Seems that way to me, and I've seen it mentioned on the gamefaqs board. Wondering if anyone else has seen this, if it's a known issue and if it's going to be patched.

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    Okay, I think it definitely is a bug. After experiencing it, then closing down the game, reopening it and replaying the mission, I blew up both engines in about 5 seconds on normal difficulty. Really ugly bug, since when you get it, it's hard to tell that it's not just an impossibly difficult part of the game.

    If this happens to you, close down your game and start it back up! Worked for me. PC version btw.

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    I made a new thread, sorry for that. Didnt see that this one existed.

    Anyway, bump for emphasizing.

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    Thanks guys, ill take a look at it

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