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    Wouldn't it be cool if Square produced a FF Dissidia Manga featuring all the chronicles of the game (all the character's tales from prologous onward)?
    I think that would be super fantastically mind blowingly awesome! I would totally buy that! It'd also be cool if they could put in some flashbacks from each character's FF. The manga could be a series with a different flashback at the end of each book until the final book when they all return home. Then it could have a part where it shows how they all are after they've gone home. That would be sooooooo cool! Would anyone else support this?

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    I would love that becasue I love Dissidia's story. I would love to see more about the child weapon that ends up becoming Chaos and how that all went down. Because its only tackled in the notes or whatever I think that story deserves to be given a voice.

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    Dissidia had a story?

    I just remember a bunch of people whining about their friends.

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    haha, yeah it does have a surprisingly complex story but much of it (including the origins of Chaos, Cosmos, and the world of Dissidia) take place in the optional endgame dungeons, or through those text based notes you unlock. It even explains how Garland and Chaos are related.

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    I think The story of Dissidia is more stupid than complex ( Toriyama write it so I'm not surprised) so no . I only like Dissidia because of gameplay

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    At least there is the Shonen GanGan Illust Gallery. It contains several great pieces of art, like this one: