Hey folks, I'm as mad as the next guy at the absolutely unbelievable way we've been tossed under the bus after spending good money on a relatively bad game--a game that could have been great, at least from a multiplayer perspective! The idea on multiplayer is incredibly fun, but the execution, with constant crashes, joining issues, etc., not to mention the Windows LIVE way of trying to get more money just to "compete" in a real way, is unsettling.

However, I continue to play the game online--won't buy 2 if it comes out until I see that support is there and check on forums, reviews and everything else under the sun--and have found some tricks to help a bit in preventing crashes, etc. Some of this is a big pain, but it is what it is, for now, or possibly, forever:

1. Set your audio settings in game to "direct sound." This seems to eliminate most crashes in mid-game. I haven't had many since doing this.

2. Joining games, or having people join your games is a bit more of a problem. Basically, every 3rd or 4th game this can happen, or if you've been playing single player, or some other game before, or whatever. You must restart your computer before playing K&L and after any crashes (although you shouldn't have many if you follow item 1). If you can't join a game, restart your computer. However, perhaps the host needs to restart too (very likely).

I know that for many people I play with online, doing number 1 above will help stop crashes mid-game. However, if you do crash, or if you can not join games, you REALLY SHOULD RESTART YOUR COMPUTER< NOT JUST THE GAME! Doing this will mean a LOT more games (those you can find, anyway) will not only be joinable, but also less laggy.

Give these things a try. They do work. Like I said, the game has MAJOR issues, but I haven't had one single crash since changing my audio settings, and I can always join and host after a restart. When everyone I'm playing with does it too, we play many games without a problem and at pretty high performance actually.

Thanks for listening. I'm happy to help further and/or to hear other comments that might be helpful too! I want to know what else might make this game less buggy! Just reply.