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Thread: Scared?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Likay View Post
    One of those panthers behind the pullable rocks in one of the egypt levels scared the poop out of me and my friend while we were playing. The friggin thing came flying right into our faces! . One of my most overall rememberable moments playing in 3D.

    me too! i got a little a litlle scared with the interactive cutscene
    with Kold and The Kid. That moment i thought:" OMG, that maniac guy has a knife, and he wants to kill me! i have to save Lara!" LOL fortunaly i pressed the correct buttons. Now when i think on this I laugh, after all he isn't scary!

    But TRA isn't scary when compared with TR1. I freak out when the music breaks the silence, and damocles room scaried me with the falling swords... we never know when it will fall... TRA is so easy.

    TRA and Legend aren't scary 'cause we have a fluid Lara, so is easy to kill foes, but, with old TR games, I'm always worrying about Lara's health bar.

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    I've only completed the Peruvian Caves at the moment but I've still already received a shock. I was on the ledge in the last chamber. I could hear this frantic breathing growing ever louder, then all of a sudden a wolf lunges at me! - broken up by a screen telling me how to react in such a situation. I've resolved to be more careful from then on.
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    Tomb Raider never scared me so far. Overall I find 3rd person games to be a lot less scary than first person. Of course there are exceptions, like Silent Hill 2 for example, which completely freaked me and a friend out. An amazing feat for a game. Freaking me out when I'm alone is something many games have accomplished. Freaking me out when somebody else is in the room to talk to or just provide some sense of "comfort" is something not many games are able to.
    On the other hand Silent Hill and the likes focus on providing a somewhat disturbing atmosphere from start to finsh, while Tomb Raider doesn't. That might be the reason Tomb Raider doesn't scare me: It's not twisted or "sick" and doesn't focus on an eerie atmosphere. It's more like Indiana Jones to me: a pleasant adventure in a rather lush environment.

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    Yeah I got freaked out playing this game. I haven't been desensitized by games like Doom 3 or others. Other than Guild Wars, I haven't played any other PC or video games in the past 5 years or so other than a bit of the GTA games, Need for Speed Underground games, and Sims. So TR Anniversary has been pretty exciting for me!

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    I don't really get scared, just surprised

    And I don't get what's so scary about the original TR game. Oh no, it's a polygonal monster thingy with bad textures! xD

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    Wow LaraLara, I guess you're just not getting into the immersive spirit of the game

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    I never played the original TR but Anniversary was made so detailed it's like watching a movie. So that worked for me and I got my 30 bucks worth.

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    Lets see. Does TRA scare me? Put in more boulders and then I'm scared.

    WAIT. I know. I was still freaked out by the Atlas world run. And the sounds of the Egypt level that sounds like something from the Mummy movie and the not knowing when the mummy panther was going to jump out at me. And when the first boulder comes rolling at you in Peru and you need to run out of the way. The second time I played I panicked and rolled into the rolling boulder. I guess I was thinking of the first Tomb Raider where you could back roll and run.

    The back roll and run was in the first game wasn't it? Frail, I'm going to have to play the first one again. Now where did I put that game?

    To the point parts were scary but (old fogey moment) I remember the timed puzzles of death in Tomb Raider 2 and 3. And 4. Didn't actually get to play 4 do to computer issues BUT the walkthrough freaked me out.

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    Terrified when running down the hallways. The second I started to relax gorillas or centaurs would appear from nowhere and send me running back in the opposite direction. Those centaurs were so creepy!

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    I get really scared with Tomb Raider. I almost always need my friends around me 2 play the friggin thing. I usually sneek around everywhere!

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    I only get scared in anniversary when a an animal or a creature just runs up from behind Lara and attacks her. The orginal game was very scary becuase there was no detail in the game.

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    I got shocked when the blade fall from the roof Because I've completed the 1st TR so I kinda know what will happen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Koopa View Post
    I've only completed the Peruvian Caves at the moment but I've still already received a shock. I was on the ledge in the last chamber. I could hear this frantic breathing growing ever louder, then all of a sudden a wolf lunges at me! - broken up by a screen telling me how to react in such a situation. I've resolved to be more careful from then on.
    The wolves and the bear in Caves scared me since they jump out from nowhere, but the rest of the game wasn´t scary. The orginal´s music is much more scary and so are the T-rex and the mummies in TR1.

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    Didn't get too scared, found original TR more scarier to be honest
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    haya i though i was the only one, i could not play tra at night the music freaked me out i was for ever looking behind me how many times i yelled due to animals jumping out at me i dont no lets just say i yelled a lot!

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    i was scared on the bit in the lost valley when the bear popped out lol made me jump.

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    Oh I am SO glad I'm not the only one! I'm only at Roma but I'm afraid of going on, its like, you don't know what's coming yet and my palms get sweaty and my heart rate goes up lol. (this is my first Tomb Raider btw)

    It was actually funny cuz the night I got it I let my sister play and when the wolves jumped out at her she screamed and I ended up screaming and almost wetting my pants.

    but yeah, I guess I don't like things popping out at me

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    Well okay now I'm in Midas's Palace and I'm in the fire room...but I can't go on because of those stupid alligators! I swear Alligators scare the outta me, when I saw a real one at the zoo I jumped and was afraid to look at it.

    Now I wanna do the old trick where you get in the water then kill them when you get on land, but I can't do it, and I don't wanna go back in the water cuz they are RIGHT THERE, with their glowing yellow eyes and weird bodies

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    I am a couple time afraid, special beacose that music!

    Lost island was the worst to me!

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    I've definately had those moments when my heart is racing

    I've just about finished Peru (I bought TRA 2 days ago) and after hearing about scary mutant creatures in other levels, I don't think I want to carry on!

    But I know I will, I can't live without TR

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    The enemy I hate in tomb raider is the changelings (the evil babies that look like monkeys) from Chronicles. They aren't scary but the are so annoying, specially when they hit us with rocks! Tey're the most stupid creature in TR, IMO.

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    Honestly, The original 6 Tomb Raiders scared me at times, but Legend nor Anniversary scared me. I would say it's cause im older now, but then explain to me why I'm still scared when playing the originals? I personally don't think the newer games have that Scare Factor the older ons had. I miss it oh so much!
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    The raptors in anniversary gave a freaky jump-out-of-my-skin cry before they appeared around corners lol. I wish there had been an alternate plotline (unlockable) that showed what would happen if lara accepted Natla's offer to rule atlantis, now that would have been interesting ... no more games ... but interesting nonethless. Not really scary but it was disgusting when that big black guy stabbed lara in the interactive cutscenes...

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    Cool ... no Kid ding ...

    Quote Originally Posted by jhntoner2008 View Post
    ... Not really scary but it was disgusting when that big black guy stabbed lara in the interactive cutscenes ...
    that was Kold ...

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    scared. . .

    I get more scared when I make daring jumps. Don't get me wrong, the creatures are always frightening. Although, TRI mummies were waaaaay scarier than TRA mummies. . .remember the sound they made?? Still gives me shivers.

    I seriously can feel my heart jump up into my throat when I think I might have slipped up on a jump. Especially in the newer games because there's so much more room for mistakes because of the controls and the constantly changing camera.

    And the dragon from TRII will always cause me to wait before sliding down that slope for at least 5-7 minutes to prepare myself.

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