Thread: My Opinion On The Game *SPOILERS*

My Opinion On The Game *SPOILERS*

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    My Opinion On The Game *SPOILERS*

    Well, The game is good nice AI, Graphics and Coop mode.
    Some issues with the game, I have a shadow and light issue, that the shadows and lights go thro all objects, if there is anyway to fix it? it would be very thankfull(issue appeared in coop).
    Annoying ending-no matter what you do its wrong but it is a very good start for the sequal .
    Nice Storyline, One of the best ive seen in a video game(Better then crysis).
    A little short.
    Many of you are annoyed by the fact that you need to have an Xbox 360 controller , I was annoyed too when the game didnt work with my Chillstream But I got help from "NDee" (Thank You) and i got it to work.
    Overall I'd Give it an 9 Score

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    I think the game is great, but not über fantastic. (still beats crysis though )
    I would give it an 8/10 - I think that's a totally fair score

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    haha yeah i loved the ending it was just so screwed was great story was awsome 9 overall..also AI people said was weak LOL ps3 version on medium rock solid..haha also liked the way difficulty levels LOL

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    Whats with this new "happy ending" generation? There was nothing wrong with the ending, it kicked ass.

    Back at the spot when you had to shoot the mine and Jenny was sitting at the fountain, I shot jenny in the head like 80 times before proceeding, it was hilarious. I hated that wench. But thats not the reason I think the ending rocked (mainly the one where you save your comrades from the church, never did take the copter.).

    It was a great ending for a great story, simple as that. It was a grim and dark story of revenge and wondering whats right when you're way fubar. I've yet to see a better story in any game.