Hi, I'm very new user here and I really hope to gather some info concerning my question

What bothers me is reizene(tm) plot line in Deus Ex: The Fall. I have studied Deus Ex setting pretty thoroughly, but I still can't point out WHY the Belltower (and thus Illuminati) distributed reizene in Panama City.

I have some suggestions (these can be only my imagination, but it's curious to discuss anyway):

1) Illuminati want to bring into discredit the very thought about efficient pharmaceutical alternative for Neuropozyne.
Weak point: then why on earth did they kill the WHO inspector? He would do exactly what they wanted - spread the word about big bad riezene.

2) Illuminati actually wanted to invent cheap alternative for nu-poz and willed to field-test it.
Weak point: I'm not sure nu-poz is really that expensive to produce - it's VersaLife after all, they're most possibly raising the prices. And then, why would Illuminati produce something good for masses?

3) Illuminati (particularly Bob Page) created riezene as a prototype for Gray Death, though with limited reproduction cycle of nanomachines. Perhaps that also served as a field test for nanomachines and their compatibility with human organism (just like Gray Death in Deus Ex was not just a weapon, but also an experiment concerning humans' tolerance towards nanomachinery).

What would YOU suppose about riezene?