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    Originally Posted by Laputin Man
    StromFront, I didn't really think that the music had a midi sound so much as a techno sound. I thought that given the some what futuristic setting, that the music was meant to have a digital or electronic/techno sound. I am not sure if that is what was intended though.
    This is what I've always thought as well. I think they should try to achieve the same feel with the DX3 soundtrack, but by some other means than using outdated technology.

    And Alex, I'm a huge huge fan of your work. Great to see you on a forum like this

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    Yeah. The music he made is great and I'm still listening to it (even when I'm not playing the game).

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    I like the score in the original, but I think it would be more atmospheric if it were orchestrated. I'd like the score for DX3 to merge the synthesised tones of the original with some orchestrated parts to reflect the theme of the augmenting of organic and synthetic- both within the game's characters and the the world they inhabit.

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    Originally Posted by Kasjada
    Well the soundtrack from Deus Ex 1 was really cool (I like to listen to it even when i don't play DX1).
    Me too, great music indeed. I hope some of the tunes will be reused as well as some sound effects, like in Thief 3.

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    For sure Deus Ex's score is the best!

    From the dramatic point of view, and the pure musical point of view! IT should be studied in colleges!

    But i'd rather that they keep the "Originality", the "Coherence", and the "Harmony" of the music with the events happening in the new game.

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    I think reworking the music in much higher quality would be good, and theres no need to keep all, or even most of it. Its more about theme and atmosphere than anything else.

    Who didnt feel an awesome buzz when the title music from DX1 chimed in over "What we are is but a stepping stone to what we can become?". If I was given to vulgar expressions I would say I nearly creamed myself.

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    Originally Posted by gamer0004
    Yeah. The music he made is great and I'm still listening to it (even when I'm not playing the game).
    Oh yes. The music is truly great. I play the soundtrack in my car audio STILL TODAY. And I think the DX Soundtrack is one of the best scores ever written for a game. I hope Mr. Brandon will be onboard the DX:3-ship !!!!

    The Edge

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    Originally Posted by AlexBrandon
    Wow. I'm glad so many were fond of the soundtrack. StormFront, I do have to agree with you. Deus Ex had some good themes and a strong overall musical identity, but the repetition was indeed annoying. Back in those days we didn't pay as much attention to gameplay time against music length. It was more about "eh, two minutes should suffice for this entire level, as long as we have combat and exploration", but if exploration lasted a lot longer than combat, etc.. It's one of the things that taught me to work much more closely with designers on a regular basis as to a level's specific progressions and mechanics.

    I also agree with the folks that think the music itself is outdated. It is! While nice for nostalgia, MODs are dead except in handheld, and we even used a live orchestra to record the main theme for the PS2 version.

    I'm definitely flattered and honored that Eidos had a nod to the original theme in the trailer. I'm hoping they'll take the memorable bits from the original games (my personal favorite is the title from DX:IW, for example) and skillfully weave them into DX3, while giving the game a feel all it's own and introducing new themes. I'm excited to see what this game will unfold into.
    Many more people than you perhaps realize are very fond of the music you and your team came up with in DX 1 and DX: IW. If you could do some music for DX 3 that would be awesome.

    I remember the first time I walked into Unatco HQ about 6 years ago. I heard the Unatco HQ soundtrack and I felt like I was in a live movie. It was unreal and felt totally immersive.

    Without the soundtrack that DX 1 had, it would of only been half the game. I also enjoy very much the DX: IW title soundtrack.

    Last but not least what about when I heard Jock yelling as he dropped me inside Area 51. Queue the Area 51 music and Jock's copter blows up. That was totally epic. All I wanted were two men. Bob Page and definately Walton Simmons as he mocked me.

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    I love the soundtrack, its one of the only 3 I have ever played (others were Driver and Half-Life during Halloween - it rocks :P)
    Dont know wether Im allowed to ask it but does anyone have the soundtrack for me? My game disc is in Australia and Im in Holland at the moment :P
    (already had to be abit naughty!)

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    Originally Posted by StormFront
    No doubt we will get something quite different musically as the team is not using any version of the UEng which was the defining factor of the Deus Ex music
    Um, the game engine has nothing to do with the music used these days. Maybe when the Atari first came out but not now. Any music can be used in any game, its the Atmosphere + Music + Setting factor which defines wether it's suitable or not.

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    According to the current trend, I don't think DX3's music will have the same "video game style" music DX1 had. It will be more elaborate (which doesn't mean better) just like what we've heard in IW. I don't know if I'm clear but to my mind musics in games tend to be more "serious" these days...

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    I just hope that they won't go the epic-orchestral-soundtrack route. I'm sick and tired of hearing stuff like that. Leave that out of videogames, unless it reallyreally fits the overall concept (fantasy games, RTS games with huge battles etc, not Deus Ex). :/

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    In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with a new (orchestral) score for the game. Many memorable movies themes are orchestral (star wars?), and that (as I see it) is what many of you seem to want in the game; a movies feel to it.

    Not to say the game should sound like a John Williams score, just of the instrumentation. I do however think there should still be hints of the original style of music in the 3 game.
    I am not sure how many of you played Diablo 1 and 2, but the 2nd game gave hints the original theme through out parts of the game.
    Another aspect to be considered to please both sides of the field here would be to use an orchestral score and have maybe have synthesized chords to harmonized with the orchestra. It would give it both that ambient feel of the original game yet not still have something new and exciting to offer.

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    I'd like a rock and roll remix of the Unatco HQ theme hehe.

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    About orchestral stuff - I wouldn't want to hear a DX game scored by Jeremy Soule or something, but I wouldn't complain about, say, a string quartet accompanying an electronic score - think Requiem for a Dream.

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    Yeah, that could work very well. Nothing wrong with acoustic instruments, but orchestral epicness is a whole different story.

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    oh my god, does anyone have the music sheets for the piano version of the soundtrack??? I really would like to learn how to play it!!!

    It sounds quite easy to play (usually the case, but then when I try to play it I'm like HUH?) the left hand is, I think just an octave with sixteenth notes??(not sure about that, still am learning)

    I swear, if I were able to play it on the piano, I couldn't stop playing it! and Hi alex

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    DX2's musics disappointed me because they were too ambient, setting musics. You just forgot them. DX1's ones were more video game-like and well composed: you just remember them.

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    I loved the music in both games. The music in the original Deus Ex was more thematic and memorable than Invisible War. But I have to say the ambient music of Invisible War definitely helped to set the mood of the maps.

    I agree that the MODs are dated, but I thought they worked out pretty well in the original game given the futuristic theme. I liked the creepy organ sound in the title theme. It just seemed kind of like the music that people would come up with in that setting, given that they were too poor to buy real instruments .

    Another game which I thought had an amazing soundtrack was the first Hitman game. That was quite thematic too (and involved separate exploration and action tracks). Like the original Deus Ex music, it really set the mood and context of the levels. The soundtracks for the later Hitman games however, were really extravagant and too similar to movie soundtracks, in my opinion. I don't like it when composers make games sound like movies.

    What I would like to hear in the next Deus Ex game is a combination of the more thematic tracks in Deus Ex with the ambient tracks in Invisible War. Personally speaking I tend to associate memories with music, so I would love a soundtrack that I can remember! But I agree with the views that a 2 minute anthem repeated continually in a 2 hour level has the potential to get annoying. It actually didn't get annoying in Deus Ex or Hitman, but these were really good anthems (and broken up by action and dialogue)!

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    Personally I loved the electronic feel of the original soundtrack. Three tracks in particular stood out to me:

    1. UNATCO HQ- Like a previous poster said, the music here pulled me out of my chair and put me right into J.C.'s shoes. I felt like I was in the middle of a great sci-fi movie, and isn't that kind of immersion the entire point of video gaming?

    2. Wan Chai Market- I love how Alex integrated traditional Chinese meter and instrumentation with the electronica of the DX soundtrack. Hearing this music brings me right back to the first time I wandered around Wan Chai, marvelling at all of the NPCs and scrambling for a crowbar to beat the out of Louis Pan.

    3. Chateau DuClare- My absolute favorite track. Roaming through an empty chateau with only Nicolette and the dark, ominous voice of Icarus to keep me company, just a beautiful moment. I still play this track sometimes when I go to sleep at night.

    Here's hoping DX3 does aim for a memorable soundtrack. I personally didn't hate IW's music (about the only thing I didn't hate from that game), but all I remember is the theme...which was quite nice.


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    Originally Posted by WildcatPhoenix

    1. UNATCO HQ- Like a previous poster said, the music here pulled me out of my chair and put me right into J.C.'s shoes. I felt like I was in the middle of a great sci-fi movie, and isn't that kind of immersion the entire point of video gaming?
    I UNATCO HQ music right after the prison-break mission does this for me.

    The Wan Chai Market music is my all time favorite, though; and the coolest music, for me, was that short tune that plays during firefights in NYC, the first time you get there. I remember I used to get into firefights just to pause the game and enjoy the music.

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    Great to see your post, Alex!

    Fantastic job on the music! The DX soundtrack (which comes with the GOTY version of DX) is the only game soundtrack on permanent rotation on my system. I listen to it when I'm writing or storyboarding (I'm a filmmaker).

    My favorite tracks are Liberty Island, The Synapse (or "Hong Kong Streets"; the theme everybody remembers), Majestic 12 Labs, Return to NYC, and especially the creepy Area 51 music. It's impossible to hear Liberty Island's "B E, F# B" note progression without recalling the spirit of Deus Ex...

    I also appreciate Dan Gardopee's contributions for Naval Base and Vandenburg--very ambient and subtle.

    The only complaint to the DX soundtrack is that it only includes the instrumental version of the Main Title--I actually like the original, with its funky alternate middle theme.

    If you ever need a few thousand DX fans to petition for you to be hired again for DX3, I'm sure that won't be a problem...

    Follow up note: If you listen to Alex's album "Era's End" on his website, you'll swear it has a similar mood as his DX work. As far as I'm concerned, Alex is the music of Deus Ex.

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    Like I posted elsewhere...

    DX1 = Reeves Gabriels( Bowie's guitarist for you un-initiated folk ); great music for a game, and definatley NOT an afterthought.

    DX2 = KIDNEY THIEVES! "My God Paints A Pretty Pict-cha'"! Indeed.

    DX3 = I'm voting for a one-time partnership between Skinny Puppy and Dirty Rig; THAT would seal the deal.

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    And While We're Throwing The Kitchen Sink About...

    ...Just for s and giggles; I want at least ONE bar scene with a NG Resonance-style Holoprojector Jukebox, that has Tom Jones singing "She's A Lady"!!!!

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