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Thread: Results Tomb Raider Screenshot Contest- Round XIV

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    Results Tomb Raider Screenshot Contest- Round XIV

    Hey Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm sorry for the late results!

    And the Oscar goes to............


    The complete score here:

    Audrey_Santos- First place- 15 points
    Milli Croft- Second place - 11 points
    humbug- Third place - 10 points
    Rai004 - 8 points
    TouchOfPink - 7 points
    LO- 6 points
    Treeble- 0 points

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    A well deserved win Audrey_Santos! Great shots everyone!!

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    Congrats Audrey for your win!

    And Well done everyone who took part too.

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    Congrats to all! Sorry I never entered, would have loved to but was very busy!

    But certainly a great shot by Audrey, really loved it!!!
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    Thanks, thanks and thanks!!!

    Thanks you so much to all, and for my commentaries!!! I promise to make a new competition the height of this!

    Thanks, thanks and thanks!!!

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    Well done Audrey Santos!

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