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Well, I am going to be a douche and say yeah. We do lock and delete threads. I just went through teh past 3 weeks of postings and EVERY thread that was deleted deserved it. These threads included people trying to get around the language filter, personal attacks, inappropriate pictures and many other offenses. I really wish people would read the rules before posting. When people post things that are offensive, inflammatory, inane or post just to troll then we have every right and it is our job to protect you, the users, from people like that.

As far as not locking or deleting this thread. It has not crossed the line and has for teh most part been pretty civil. if things get out of hand then we will delete posts that are out of hand. If they continue then we would have no choice but to close the thread.
well i used to think eidos were quite good in the tomb raider 2 days for psone & hitman that was alrite
but now after playing k&l and reading some of these threads eidos are a e company and i am taking my k&l back to the shop tommorow getting my money back and i am not paying for another eidos game again! (they obviously new the game had serious problems about but they don't want to admit it and are coming up with every pathetic excuse in the book these mods have probly been told what to say by there bosses aswell).